Buying door handles online can be great option as you can browse through some of the best designs as displayed in the company catalogues. You can get a host of great door handles which can be used in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or even in your office.

  • Right from traditional and vintage collections to the all-new contemporary and sleek handles, you get a plethora of resources as far as online door handle purchase is concerned.
  • You do not wish to be dragged to the furniture store just to choose something as small as a door handle, so you can pick any random door handle. Well, for your convenience you can now shop for door handles online.

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  • Door handles may be small but they are one of the most important features of your house. It is important that you do not overlook the design choice for these while you are building your home.
  • There is a huge variety of door handles that you can choose from as far as the functional as well as aesthetic sense are concerned. Door handles also include the locks and latches, which come attached in the apparatus.

A brief history of door handles:

Without a door handle, privacy would be difficult to maintain and security would not be easy to enforce.  This is why, door handles have been in existence since a very long time. They have developed and changed over time but their invention can be traced to the ancient times in Rome and Babylon. Door handles have been unearthed in Africa that date from Ancient Egyptian era and today you can buy door handles online.

Door Handle Patents:

When door handles were invented, the idea of patents did not exist. This is a modern day concept. The different patents pertain to the various door handle styles and materials. Most door knobs are made of ceramic, brass or china. The first patent for a door knob was filed in America in 1878.

Traditional Door Handle Mechanism:

The basic component assembly and mechanism of the traditional door knob includes:

  • A bolt, also known as the spindle from the knob on one side to the knob on the other side.
  • Jigger or the cylinder which is connected just below the spindle.
  • The cylinder is attached to the latch. The purpose of the latch is to ensure that the door does not open unless the knob is turned.
  • Once the knob turns on either side, the spindle catches the cylinder which in turn pulls the latch out of its hole in the door frame.

Apart from this, there are a number of other kinds of door closing mechanisms as well. For example, a ball catch door in which a ball bearing is backed with a spring under tension to keep the door shut.

Door Handle Styles:

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There are hundreds of designs and styles of door handles to choose from. The world of door handles is indeed extremely eclectic. The shapes in which door handles are available are round, oval, square, diamond, rounded triangle and other such varieties.

Some of the styles of door handles include:

  • A combination of door handle and knocker. These designs are sometimes based on an animal head.
  • Decorated or plain lever handles.
  • Embellished and extremely detailed door knob styles.
  • Novelty styles which are available in any shape and theme that is desired by you.
  • Crash bars: these are modern designs usually used for main entrances on large buildings and for emergency exits.

It is important to remember that the kind of door handle you choose depends on your need, finances and your taste. Apart from these, the purpose of the door handle and what kind of a door you have also make a difference. Still want you know more info about door handle online than go through this link for more specifications and details.