The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the peak achievement for business administration – the highest attainable degree in the field. Less than 2% of Americans will ever experience this accomplishment. But what does this monumental achievement mean in the real world?

A Doctorate Degree program serves as a proving ground for leaders of the future. Of course, you can get business tips on YouTube and possibly do wonderful things – but a doctorate degree is a litmus test for dedication to the craft. One such leader is Dr. Krissy Jones, who maximized her Doctorate Degree in Business Administration to found multiple multi-million-dollar businesses with relatively low seed money. 

The specialization in strategy & innovation paid off for the award-winning entrepreneur who was able to establish various start-ups including:

  • The Forex Library
  • A regulated forex broker
  • A fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange
  • A regulated FX quick options/HFX broker
  • Two award-winning training companies
  • A proprietary trading firm
  • A retail company

Dr. Jones’ monumental achievement became a tangible success story; but how?

A Focus on Real-World Applications

The DBA is a professional doctorate designed to prepare students for careers in business, unlike PhD programs that focus on research and academia. Unlike research-oriented doctoral programs, the DBA is specifically designed to teach practical skills and the real-world knowledge necessary for successful careers in business and management. The emphasis on practicality sets it apart from more academically focused doctoral degrees.

The DBA program covers a comprehensive range of topics in its 3-to-6-year timeline. Rigorous coursework, demanding research, and the completion of a grueling dissertation stand as some of the highlights of this advanced degree program. This comprehensive approach provides DBA candidates with a theoretical understanding and practical ability in their chosen specialization.

A High Bar for Entry

These programs can feature rigid admission requirements, like the necessity for a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or several years of relevant work experience. These stringent admission requirements help maintain the program’s high academic standards and an elite candidate pool.

Doctors of Business Administration are in high demand – for senior-level business roles, government agencies, and academic institutions – upon graduation. This demand underscores the value of a DBA degree in today’s competitive professional landscape. Dr. Jones used her education for entrepreneurship, to circumvent demand, and to sidestep the $95,000 median salary for larger revenue potential.

Entrepreneurship Driven by Diplomas

A Doctorate in Business Administration can elevate entrepreneurship in a number of ways:

  • Start and grow a business with essential knowledge and skills.

DBA programs normally offer a comprehensive curriculum of business-related subjects that are essential for every business, including: 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning

This knowledge is invaluable for entrepreneurs of all levels who are looking to expand their existing businesses.

  • Develop business acumen and critical thinking skills. DBA programs are designed to force students to think critically about a wide selection of historic and trending business scenarios, for years – with the hope they learn how to implement innovative solutions on the fly. This practice is essential for entrepreneurs of all levels who typically only have their own businesses to learn in-depth lessons from. 
  • A competitive advantage in the marketplace. A DBA is an extremely respected degree due to its comparative rarity and level of difficulty to obtain. It’s an advantage over the competition in a number of scenarios including:
  • ability to receive funding more readily, and in larger amounts 
  • ability to charge higher consulting fees 
  • ability to negotiate better deals with customers
  • ability to attract more qualified employees

New Paths to Progress

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) places a specific focus on real-world applications, demanding coursework, and a comprehensive curriculum with both theoretical understanding and practical skills. The high bar for entry, with MBA prerequisites and years of relevant work experience, ensures the program’s academic rigor and attracts an elite group of candidates.

Graduates of DBA programs, like Dr. Krissy Jones, are in high demand across various sectors, from senior-level business roles to government agencies and academic institutions. However, entrepreneurship supercharged with a DBA is quickly becoming the preferred career path. These expensive business lessons are too valuable to be wasted as an employee in this new era of branding and media. 

A Doctorate Degree in Business Administration (DBA) paired with Dr. Jones’ intuitive business mind has launched multiple successful multi-million-dollar businesses, creating a diverse start-up portfolio. The strategy and innovation are on display with exploits ranging from The Forex Library to her Trilogy Trust Foundation charity. Less than 2% of Americans are able to earn DBAs, while even fewer are able to build what Dr. Jones has in a relatively short time. 

Dr. Jones’ story illustrates how a DBA can propel talented entrepreneurs to exceptional heights in the competitive world of business. How about your story?

For information about Dr. Krissy Jones and her projects, please visit her website