What is the best way to design a high-converting Ecommerce website in India?

Ecommerce in India is expected to grow rapidly, reaching $120 billion dollars by 2022. Your online store website’s design will determine its success in this competitive and booming market. Top website designing companies in India recommend these powerful strategies for ecommerce website Designing Services in India.


Optimize site speed

Google has made site speed a ranking factor. A website that loads quickly provides a better user experience, which leads to fewer bounces and more conversions. Compressing images, minimising HTTP requests, optimising code, and choosing a quick web host are some ways you can accelerate your online store.


Concentrate on mobile optimization

Mobile optimization in India is a must, as more than 50% of Indians use smartphones to shop online. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and that it has easy to read text, buttons with clickable links, and images which resize on different devices. Customers will leave sites that do not have a mobile version.


Show Credibility

Visitors who are unfamiliar with your store will want to be reassured that they can buy from you. Credibility is established through the use of elements such as quality branding, trusted badges, secured payment logos and positive reviews from customers.


Use visual cues to guide users

Visual cues that are clear and concise help to reduce confusion for users, which in turn increases conversion rates. Sitemaps, contextual hyperlinks, product suggestions, calls to action, breadcrumbs and floating buttons are some examples.


Customize your Experience

Personalized product recommendations, tailored content and targeted email campaigns can boost engagement. Personalization options integrated in your website’s design can influence users to stay loyal and convert.


Simple Checkout Process

Each additional page and field during the checkout process leads to a higher abandonment rate. Reduce the number of fields for address, payment and customer information. Multiple payment methods and guest checkout are also helpful. Digital wallets and auto-filling also assist.


The Brand Story

A page “About Us”, which shares the story of your company and its values, creates an emotional bond with clients. Brand storytelling that is well-designed on your online store will build trust and loyalty among buyers, making them prefer you to competitors.


Images of Quality Products

It is important to have high-resolution, professionally shot images of products that are attractive. Zoom in for finer detail. Multi-angles communicate clearly usage and scale. For best results, invest in professional photography.


Use the Search Function

Customers need to find products easily. Use predictive search with filters, facets and customizable sorting, as well as category/menu navigation on desktops and mobiles. It will increase the rate of discovery, and decrease exit rates.


Promoting Scan able content

On product pages, blogs, FAQs etc. Use bullets and bold text, as well as relevant subheadings to help make the information scannable. Wordy content is not read by web users. Clear writing enhances understanding.


Testing and iterating site design

Use A/B/multivariate tests to test layouts, contents, visuals and flows. Continue to fine-tune the site in response to findings, and optimize your conversions. Track analytics as well to find out which pages are not performing.


Hiring Professional Designers

Partner with the best ecommerce website Designing Company in India for optimal results. Designers with experience know how to create digital stores that convert. Your e-commerce can be boosted by the right expert.

To be successful in competitive retail markets you need to excel at all aspects of web design. For maximum return on investment, keep improving your e-commerce website.

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