Your deck is often exposed to harmful elements and harsh weather, which makes it prone to damage. There are several harsh elements that make it difficult to maintain. The first step towards taking care of your deck is to check if it is in the top and right shape or not. If you are not sure about the right steps that need to be taken for deck repair and maintenance, make sure you contact Handyman Services Firestone. They have years of experience in the business, and they are known to provide cost-effective services. Let’s take a deeper look at the detailed work that’s required for the maintenance of the same.

What Are the Basic Steps Involved in Repairing a Damaged Deck?

If you are planning to install a new deck, here are a few long-term service steps that will help to repair and maintain a damaged piece.

*Inspect and remove any rotted wood:

One of the most contagious elements in a damaged deck is the rotted part. Make sure you use a hammer and a chisel to remove the same.

*Remove any nails and screws:

You can also initiate the process by removing nails and tight screws from the damaged wood.

*Apply a layer of sealer and re-join the joist:

You have to sum up the process by applying a thick layer of sealer on the damaged part of the wood and letting it dry properly. Post this. You can re-join the joist too. Dry the same and repeat the process every few weeks to avoid major damage.

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