Once you learn to crochet, that is the basic crochet stitches and a few techniques you can begin with many patterns and projects. Just with your crochet hooks, single-ended or Tunisian, and the right yarn to match, you are ready. Starting from garments such as a scarf to home décor such as rugs or blankets, a whole lot of possibilities open up. Rag rugs are crochet projects that do not ever go out of fashion. They are not only stylish but can be very economical as well and helps you with some creative masterpieces. Unlike every crochet project, you don’t have to head to your favorite LYS or go through your stash, you can create the yarn with rugged t-shirts, bed sheets, towels, etc. that you don’t use anymore. And the best part of all is you don’t even need a pattern to make one.

So, let’s get started with the steps on how to crochet a rug.

First Gather Your Materials

Yarn – The rug yarn can be basically fashioned with anything linen that you own. You can also check out yarn stores for many do carry heavy-weight yarns that can replace your rugged fabrics. A chunky, t-shirt and super bulky yarns work well. In the case of making your own, there is no way you could find a continuous length of fabric. Joining different pieces of fabric in different colors adds to the appeal of the project but the knots give an ugly look. Instead, while joining the yarn used a needle with a sharp tip and stitch them together, foregoing any lumps in the yarn.

Crochet Hook – Single-ended crochet hooks in the right size if you are planning a regular pattern. For the hook size, you can make a gauge swatch. As you will be using rug yarn instead of the yarn that comes with the label mentioning the hook size. If the crocheted fabric looks like the one you desired or works smoothly then stick to the size. Generally, 5mm (H), 5.5 (I) and 6 (J) hooks work for the rug project. The Tunisian crochet hooks work best for a Tunisian crocheted fabric but you can also use it for regular crochet if you use the hook without attaching the interchangeable cord.

Accessories & Notions – Yarn crafts work smoothly with the right accessories and notions. Carry stitch markers, finishing needles, tape measures and more.

Making Crochet Rugs

You can crochet a rug in any shape. Round and flat rectangular rugs are common and easily made. The project can be either started with a magic circle, an adjustable loop that does not leave a hole in the middle. Or, you can start with a foundation chain and then work stitches into it. The shaping can be done with crochet increase and decrease techniques. You can also make it in the shape of a star or any other you wish.

For a rug, you use any crochet stitch while single crochet is preferred for its dense constitution. You can also try half double crochet and double crochet and even slip stitches that form a fabric known as Bosnian crochet. You can also use regular Tunisian crochet stitches for a knit-like look.

Flat Crocheted Rag Rug

The single crochet stitch works best for a rug if you want it dense and stiff. Or, the half-double crochet stitch is the next best option. Use any yarn weight and the single-ended crochet hook size matching the yarn. You can crochet the rug in a square, rectangle round or oval by starting regularly with a foundation chain. For changing colors just follow the rules on any regular crochet project. For a neat edge, you can use reverse single crochet stitch (RSC) also known as the crab stitch. The reverse single crochet stitch follows the same rule as a single crochet stitch in the opposite direction. Or, you can make frills for the edges.

Round Rag Rug

This project is another single crochet rag rug, but this one is worked in the round to create a rug with a more organic shape. You can use any basic crochet circle pattern to make your own version. Just start with a magic loop or make some chain stitches and join them together with a slip stitch. Both methods work in their own way. The magic circle leaves no hole behind but the chain stitch round has a hole in the middle.

Tunisian crochet rug

Tunisian crochet stitches are made with a special Tunisian crochet hook that comes with an interchangeable cord. The unique crochet works like knitting. Stitches are picked on the hook and worked into. The stitches work in two rows, one where your make loops on the hook and the second where you work the loops. While Tunisian craft has a wide range, the Tunisian simple stitch is the best.

So, get ready to crochet a rug in easy steps. Lantern Moon’s handcrafted ebony wood crochet hooks and accessories assist you in your projects letting you have fun while you express your creativity.

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