The many types and colours of scrap paper and the Vintage Label washi sticky tape from Aimez le style are the highlights of this simple washi tape project. The scrap paper I’ll be discussing is only a small piece of paper. It’s too small to be used to create a card. Depending on the size, you might be able to make a tiny present card, a set of tiny envelopes and letters, a charming bookmark, punch out some shapes, etc. What do you think of recycling paper, then? Good? Not that pleasant? Dirty? Low calibre?


When you first start your new creative endeavor, you might not have any scratch paper. But after you’ve been crafting for a time, you’ll notice that you have lots of paper or cardstock lying around. There are times when there is just too much! Should you make use of the leftover cardstock or paper from earlier projects? Where might you use it, if so? What is the greatest way to use them?


Or should you simply discard them? Perhaps you could just stockpile extra to sell later? Even if you do have a few options, it can be difficult to figure out how to use the scrap paper and cardstock most effectively. And I’m having these problems.


I’ve recently had the urge to perform some spring cleaning in order to organise and declutter my tiny but condensed creative space. My goal is to purge the craft supply and use everything I discover. I can’t believe I have so many “valuable stones” inside the stash that I’ve been accumulating over the years—the process is still ongoing!


Have you ever had the thought, “Okay, let me retain all these leftover papers because I can use them to punch some shapes for my next crafts projects sometime!” You know what, not only has my plan for employing scrap paper not yet been carried out, but it has also been put on hold for unknown reasons.


The ideal moment to use it is right now. On my desk, I noticed this lengthy strip of paper. Why not create a simple vintage label with washi tape? This washi tape is from the Vintage Label collection by Aimez le style. It has previously been highlighted in the Gratitude Journal. This is the blog entry. What are your thoughts on this washi tape?


Actually, this product is less well-liked. Could it be the colour or the design? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Anyway, the masking tape has five different patterns, and then it just repeats itself. Therefore, I make the bookmark the same length using all 5 patterns. Distress ink, ribbon, and old label masking tape are all added.


Additionally, the outcome is less than ideal because the paper is merely regular light-weight paper. As a result, I keep making the same simple washi tape bookmarks with vintage labels. I replaced the white paper with blue cardstock and added a tree design washi tape from Somitape. Due to my usage of leftover cardstock, the finished product is a little bit dark. The blue is a deeper shade of blue. Because of this, a blue rhinestone is added to make it more vibrant.


I use vintage-looking scrapbook paper for my final washi tape bookmark. Due of the old and nostalgic sense of both the paper and the masking tape, I personally believe it matches better. If you’re curious about the supplies I used to create this simple washi tape bookmarks vintage label, a list of them is provided below.


Materials: Old label washi adhesive tape from Aimez le style and any scrap paper or cardstock you have.

  • Masking tape with a tree motif from Somitape Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Pen or marker of your choosing
  • discoloured ink
  • Rhinestone in blue
  • Pearl ornamentation
  • Cutter/scissors/ruler
  • Glue


What Can You Change To Improve These Simple Washi Tape Bookmarks Vintage Label? These are a few things that come to mind right away.

  • To make the bookmark look more appealing, substitute writing with text stickers, such as something vibrant.
  • Instead of a tree motif, use washi tape in a light colour (the blue cardstock sample)
  • Use different ribbons rather than just blue instead.
  • On top of the scrap paper, leave room for a whole punch.
  • Test out your chosen washi tape on several scraps of paper to determine if it works out well or not.
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, practise, practise, practise with some scrap paper. The more you practise, the more proficient you’ll become.