Do you dream of attaining a positive ACS IT skill assessment to migrate to Australia as an IT professional? If yes, then you must know the educational requirements you need to satisfy, as it is one of the major requirements. To know it, read this blog. 

ACS educational requirements for IT professionals: 

According to the Australian Assessment Guide, you must have a minor or major in ICT for an ACS IT skill assessment. It means you need to have a certain percentage of your program focused on ICT to be eligible. 

The committee reviews your program and the amount of time spent on ICT. This percentage must be enough for the hours of your course to be eligible. For upper-level education, the percentage is less than for a lower degree. 

For Associates Degrees and Certificates/Diplomas: 

You may apply if you only have an Associate degree or below. Your degree must have 50% of your study in the study of ICT. 

These degrees and diplomas do count as points toward your experience. However, you may be required to perform more real-world work to be eligible. 

For Bachelor’s Degrees: 

The coursework needs to have a minimum of 33% of the course load focused on ICT for a bachelor’s degree. If you complete your degree within 3 years, you will qualify as a major. 

However, if the degree is completed over a longer period, the skills will still be assessed but may not qualify. 

For graduate degrees: 

For graduate degree programs, the eligible programs must consist of 50% (1.5 years) of course study based on ICT. The important factor in this degree is the undergraduate and the graduate degree. 

If the undergraduate Bachelor’s degree has a minimum of 50% based in ICT, the graduate may need less focus on this field specifically for ACS Australia assessment. There are a lot of intricacies included in a graduate degree applicant. 

Besides showing the percentage basis of your program, you also need to give details concerning your thesis or/and graduate project. Offer a summary of the project with qualifying statements and support from the supervisor of your program. 

Why you should hire a professional ACS competency report writing expert: 

Only being educationally qualified is not enough, there are some requirements like work experience and documents. Even a minor flaw in anything can spoil the whole broth. However, when you hire a professional, then they stand by you at every stage so that you do everything systematically. Thus, the chances of a successful ACS skill assessment will increase. 


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