Being uncomfortable may not even be your biggest problem when your heater goes down. Even in Houston, you run the risk of having your pipes freeze and break, potentially causing your house to sustain damage costing thousands of dollars. Fortunately, The Ace Comfort team of HVAC experts are available to help residents in Houston, and surrounding areas with efficient, trustworthy furnace repair services.

No of the circumstance, our specialists can perform prompt repair, replacement, and installation because they are all skilled and informed when it comes to all varieties of HVAC systems. Customer satisfaction is, of course, our main focus in everything we do. We also attempt to arrive within hours, not days, because we are aware of how miserable it can be to experience winter weather without a furnace.

Regular Furnace Repair

If properly maintained, your furnace is a long-term investment that can keep your house warm for many years, if not decades. Unfortunately, when they don’t receive routine maintenance, these complex systems are frequently vulnerable to failures, breakdowns, and efficiency issues. The ACE Comfort can be a tremendous assistance in this situation. We have preventative maintenance plans for every price range and kind of furnace, and we’ll make sure your furnace runs smoothly all winter (and all year).

Replacement and installation of furnaces

Repairing an outdated furnace might occasionally cost more than simply replacing it. In fact, you must take into account the expenses related to your rising energy bills if your unit is working inefficiently. In the end, get in touch with ACE Comfort if you’re unsure about installing a new furnace or replacing your current one. We’ll come to your house, figure out what you need, and then assist you in finding a unit that meets both! We’ve said it before, but it’s a significant investment. However, you may need to be ready to make an investment because Texas continues to experience more cold weather than ever before.

The reasons why clients adore our services

Provide 24/7/ 365, including holidays and weekends, heating and air conditioning service in Houston, Texas.

Service for furnaces of any model or make from all prominent brands.

Have technicians that are certified and licensed, and hire them only after conducting thorough background checks and drug tests

The largest parts of Houston are covered. We provide service to Houston, Greater Houston, Champion Forest, Cypress, and the surrounding areas as a licensed contractor.

have attained 100% client satisfaction by providing dependable services at the precise time that consumers specify. At the time of day that works best for each client, we provide service.

Offer same-day services and, in most circumstances, address problems within 24 hours.

We are a reasonably priced agency.

Providing years of warmth to homes

Our furnace installation and replacement services will ensure that your home is always comfortable and that you can stay warm in your rooms throughout the year. When the first inkling of warning signs like these appears, our qualified experts get into action.

  • increasing energy costs
  • System noise output has increased.
  • unit is older than 15 years
  • being too cold in some spaces and too hot in others


We are available to address your issues as soon as you need us, whether your furnace has stopped blowing or is completely non-functional in Houston, Texas. Your experience of warmth serves as a barometer of our achievement. The greatest in their field, our technicians provide repairs for all types of furnace issues. They may assist you in selecting the best equipment in accordance with the efficiency rating and capacity of your home in circumstances where the system is deemed to be beyond repair or where repairs appear to be unachievable. You can get a system that is affordable and within your budget.