You must have wondered what impact dental veneers might have on the dentition that lies beneath if you are considering getting them, are in the process of getting them, or have already had them installed. There is no doubt that it has a remarkable physical impact, as evidenced by the way your smile and teeth become whiter and brighter. Is there a downside to such aesthetics? We are frequently urged to balance the positives and negatives. Although In the case of dental veneers, there are some practices that we need to keep up with, some of them we are already familiar with. Example of such practice is the daily flossing which we are already used to. The veneers new hyde park dentist has a job of giving your details prior to installation on how to care for the veneers and what effect it would have on oral health If care isn’t taken.

Natural Teeth Experience Dental Issues

Even though your veneers were designed to hide your natural teeth, you still face the risk of exposing them to cavities and dental rot if you don’t practice good oral care. Veneers are quite hard, yes we don’t dispute that but it’ll depend on how hard they are. We do not need to use any hard toothbrush on them. The reason why we don’t do that is because the toothbrush mat ends up scraping off the surface of your veneer laying them bare for infections to come in. Therefore, after receiving a veneer, your Lake Success dentist will always recommend that you switch to a softer toothbrush in order to prevent dental problems.

Veneer May Leave Decay for The Teeth Underneath

If you experience a minor tooth infection or plaque, it will travel underneath to the area of your genuine teeth and eat away at the enamel. Plaques are sticky forms of bacteria mass that forms on your teeth and sticks itself to your gum or tooth canals. These plaques are made up of bacteria mass. When you eat or drink something, they release acids to your teeth and destroy the surface of your veneers. They also have an effect on your gum and cause gingivitis also known as gum disease. Your dentist lake success ny will be involved in the process of removal of plaques by performing a root canal procedure in cases where it contaminates the root canal.

Low sensitivity to harsh toothpaste

Avoid using any harsh toothpaste after getting veneers placed on your teeth since it will be too hard on the veneer. Your veneer, teeth, and gums would all remain in excellent health if you used a much gentle toothpaste. The recommended toothpaste by veneers hyde park ny should be made of ingredients fluoride. Since a porcelain veneer won’t be easily discolored, using whitening toothpaste will result in some lightening effects. Although your veneer may become sensitive based on the type of toothpaste you may introduce. That is why it is necessary to involve your dentist once you notice something like this.


When you are thinking of the effect of a veneer on your teeth underneath, you should know that good oral hygiene would reduce the risk of developing tooth decay or cavities and also guarantee your veneers’ durability. Your new hyde park dentist is also available for any questioning or consultation if the veneer issue doesn’t relieve itself like it should.