Most schools are painting school furniture. If you want to paint your furniture, you should know some of the best practices to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Paint can keep your furniture pieces water-resistant and improve their aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when painting your furniture.

Start with a plan

Before you start painting your furniture, you should have a plan and know what look you want to go for. Do you want a flawless and smooth design or a distressed and worn look? The decision will help you lay the foundation for your pieces.

If you want a distressed and aged finish, you should consider more matte finish paint such as old-fashioned milk paint, chalk paint, or latex paint in eggshell or flat finish. When painting, you will not have to worry about getting an even finish or leaving brush strokes. If you want a smooth and flawless finish for your furniture, you may want to choose furniture paint with a smoother. You will need a more reflective finish such as a semi-gloss finish. You should also be careful about keeping your brushstrokes even and smooth.

Know when to sand

You should prepare your furniture before painting. You should always start by cleaning your pieces to remove any dust, dirt or grease. You do not always have to sand your furniture pieces before painting. However, it could be essential in some cases. You should therefore know when you need to sand your school furniture.

If you want a smooth finish then it is a great idea to lightly sand your furniture to smoothen any flaws. On the other hand, if your piece has a shiny finish, you should start by sanding it. If you want a more weathered finish, you can skip the sanding process.

Use the right paintbrushes

Do not be like some people who go for the cheapest paint brushes they find because they think all brushes are the same. That is a big mistake because bristles will shed onto your projects and they will leave horrible marks from your brush. Getting a smooth finish can be impossible when using the wrong brush.

Use a roller to paint flat surfaces

You should get small foam rollers to paint large smooth surfaces. Your paint will go on faster and will leave a smooth finish when you use rollers. Make sure you look for rollers made for smooth surfaces as they are for the trim and doors.

Use the right primer

You do not always have to use primer when painting your furniture. If you are using chalk paint then you may be able to skip using the primer. However, even with chalk paint, you should use a primer if you want to paint dark school furniture with a light colour. If you are painting on raw unfished wood, consider using a primer. You should also consider using a primer if you are painting any type of furniture a pure white colour. Primer will prevent yellowing.