The blog reveals the efficiency of heavy-duty commercial vehicles with Eicher and Ashok Leyland models. But these robust vehicles stand out when it comes to powerful performance and adaptability. 

Discover the price, features, specifications, and, most importantly, the competitive Eicher Truck Price. Hence, delve into the world of these commercial vehicles for making an informed choice. 

1. Eicher Pro 2050 Truck

Engineered with an E366 2 litre and 12V – 100Ah battery, the Eicher Pro 2050 Truck becomes highly advanced. Moreover, the model’s engine produces 100 HP output, delivering superb performance. 

Besides, Eicher’s loading ability makes it stand out. Undoubtedly, this model has 5400 kg GVW, ensuring a greater payload. Also, due to higher payload, body balance is evenly distributed, allowing better gradeability. 

Additionally, the 2935 mm wheelbase promotes more ground clearance. Furthermore, a fuel tank of 60 litres ensures a smooth ride without frequent stops. As concluded, this Eicher truck has a price range of Rs. 12.71 Lakh – 13.81 Lakh.

2. Ashok Leyland 1915 HE Truck

Ashok Leyland is highly innovative, equipped with an H series engine that powers 150 HP output. 

Moreover, the model’s GVW is 18500 kg and allows a 12900 kg payload, ensuring more cargo space. Additionally, the great capacity of the 185-litre fuel tank promotes smooth driving and non-stop trips. 

Furthermore, the Ashok Leyland truck has a seating capacity for driver + passenger, promoting higher comfort. Hence, the Ashok Leyland truck price is cost-efficient with a fitted Ecomet day/sleeper cabin.