In a business world where conventional strategies and career paths seem to rule, embracing unconventional paths can feel like fresh air. Unconventional entrepreneurship is about defying the norms and exploring eccentric avenues to build a successful business empire. It’s about challenging the status quo, taking chances, and pursuing your passion—even if that means deviating from the traditional paths society considers “safe” or “normal.”

The entrepreneurial landscape is constantly changing, and those that dare to think creatively and unconventionally mark their ways to success. 

Eric Ranks, a serial entrepreneur and an award-winning best-selling Author, carved his path to entrepreneurial success by embracing unconventional routes and thinking outside the box. Doing so resulted in enormous opportunities for his businesses and helped me identify undiscovered markets. Moreover, unconventional entrepreneurship enabled him to have the freedom to create a company that reflected his unique values, interests, and purpose rather than having to live up to a conventional approach or fit into the traditional mold. Here, we have some unique and distinctive unconventional routes to entrepreneurial success.


In the entrepreneurship field, there are many traditional ideas, but Eric challenged these norms and carved his own lane by relentlessly pursuing his unique ideas passionately. He demonstrated that no one method works for all entrepreneurs. Instead, entrepreneurs must venture outside their comfort zone to find their place in the world. For Eric, this entailed embracing the idea of social enterprises, leading to initiatives like The Veterans Connection™ and 22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee. These social enterprises serve veterans who served their country.

He started his entrepreneurial journey by adapting unorthodox business strategies. More importantly, he hesitated to take chances and always came up with unique business ideas. The Veterans Connection™ is one of his unique business models dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Veterans, their families, and their communities. He stressed, “Every entrepreneur should think creatively, follow their passions, and take unconventional routes; this is the only way to succeed.”


When it comes to exploring unconventional ways, leveraging your special abilities and passions can be a game-changer for your business. In today’s competitive business world, consumers are spoiled for choice. Thus, uniqueness and authenticity can serve as powerful tools for any business to thrive, allowing them to separate themselves from the pack.

Consider the things you like to do. Anything from drawing, writing, cooking, or even playing video games could be considered. These lesser-time activities can be a good starting point for starting a business that reflects your passions. “You can build a business that makes you happy and attracts clients who share your values by focusing on what you are actually good at and truly love to do.” These are inspiring words by Eric rank for young and passionate entrepreneurs. 

Building a strong network: 

Establishing a strong network can be another important unconventional approach to entrepreneurial success. You can tap into a wealth of knowledge, support, and opportunities by connecting with like-minded individuals and collaborators.

Another way is to attend meetups, conferences, and events tailored to your sector to meet others who share your interests. These events allow you to network and connect with others who appreciate your passion and entrepreneurial attitude. Hence, establishing relationships, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and trading ideas to forge possible collaborations or partnerships can place you and your customer in a win-win situation.

As an unconventional entrepreneur, Eric always taps into his creativity and creates a business that reflects his vision and values. Whether he wants to start a social enterprise, pursue a niche market, or innovate in a stagnant industry, he explores different business strategies to achieve massive success. “You are free to venture into unfamiliar territory, take chances, and think creatively, and there are no restrictions,” Eric Ranks concluded. You can learn more about the award-winning entrepreneur and his business ventures and purchase a copy of his book ‘Boundless Success with Eric Ranks’ by checking out his website,