Brother SE400 is a machine which is combines sewing and embroidery functions of Embroidery digitizing services. It’s computerized, which means you can load a design, and the system can run a conveyor to suture the fabric, like a diary.

Family SE400 Overview

It also has erected- in aches for convenience, similar as buttonhole suturing at the touch of a button, proving that robotization isn’t just limited to embroidery. Brother has a solid history of manufacturing stoner-friendly and dependable sewing machines.

The Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine SE400 can be wired to a computer, allowing you to take advantage of possible machine upgrades and fluently download and digitize embroidery designs to the computer using Embroidery digitizing service.

The SE400’s numerous erected- in sewing features, including 67 sew and 98 sew functions, appeal to both newcomers and educated seamsters. With the intuitive TV screen examiner, erected- in attendants, and quick launch companion, getting started with embroidery is a breath. Choose from 70 ornamental embroidery patterns, 120 frame pattern variations, and five letter sources in the erected- in embroidery style library.

Features Of Brother SE400

I ’m assuming you want to do embroidery because if you just want a sewing machine you do n’t need a Family SE400. There are numerous other sewing machines to choose from, and you’ll get further value for your plutocrat if you buy a specific sewing machine. So I ’ll cover the embroidery features first and get to the machine sewing side in a nanosecond.

4 ” x 4 ” Maximum Embroidery Area

The Brother SE400 has a 4 ” by 4 ” embroidery frame. This means the maximum design size you can suture at one time is about3.875 x3.875 elevation because there must be room inside the circle for the embroidery bottom totravel.However, you either have to break it piecemeal with software and suture the pieces independently, or you produce the design from lower rudiments by moving the circle orre-hooping the fabric, If you want to suture a larger design. can. The voluntary largemulti-position circle makes this easy.

I love my family’s SE400, but I wish it had a bigger circle size. still, going up to a larger circle size is too precious and out of my budget. So I ’m fine with the limit for now.

utmost designs are available for a 4 × 4 inch circle, but some are only for 5 × 7 or larger. Whether a 4 × 4 circle is right for you depends on the type of systems you want to embellish.

USB Port For Downloading Designs

No matter how numerous erected- in embroidery patterns your machine has, sooner or latterly you ’ll want commodity different. Or you may have commodity special in mind for a particular design. So one of the most important features to consider when looking at embroidery machines is how you get the added design into the machine.

The Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is equipped with a USB harborage so you can snappily and fluently transfer your designs from your computer to the machine. Simply connect the SE400 to your computer with the included USB string. You can transfer designs set up on CDs, the Internet,etc. with dupe and paste. You do n’t need any fresh software. It works with both Windows and Macintosh using computer software.

Embroidery Card niche

The Brother SE400 has a card niche for reading embroidery designs from Brother Embroidery Cards. It lets you use thousands of fresh Family embroidery designs, including the Nickelodeon Collection and exclusive licensed Disney characters.

still, you can write your own designs on the cards, If you prefer to manage your collection on embroidery cards rather than on your computer. But you ’ll need an voluntary card pen and software.

70 erected- In Embroidery Designs

The Brother SE400 also has 70 erected- in embroidery designs including flowers, scrolls, capital script letters, creatures, vacation motifs, etc. You simply elect one of the designs using the TV touch screen and the machine will guide you step by step through the stitching. When it’s time to change colors, it’ll stop and ask you to load the coming color. rehearsing with these designs is the stylish and fastest way to get started because you always have them at your fingertips without trying to figure out what to download at the same time.

These are just introductory designs to get you started and may not suit your taste. Note that you can fluently download other designs.

Ten shapes similar as circles, places, diamonds, securities, and indeed a heart can be combined with 12 sew patterns similar as straight, scalloped, or other ornamental aches, to produce 120 different frame styles that you can compass your embroidery designs with. Can be used for border stitching.

Five erected- In Embroidery sources

The Brother SE400 has five erected- in sources including upper and lower case letters, figures, symbols, and non-English featured characters. Just elect a fountain from the TV screen, type a name or word and press Go. You can use sources to epitomize clothes, pillows, napkins, etc. out of the box.

You can choose one of three sizes for the letters. The exact size and distance of the letters vary slightly depending on the fountain, but the small size is about3/8 x3/8 elevation, the medium size is5/8 ″ x5/8 ″, and the large size is 1 1./ 4 x11/4 elevation.

Pros And Cons Of Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine


  • A motorized TV makes switching between plans quick and easy.
  • Offers an cornucopia of stitching and design options.
  • Quick and easy thread and start.
  • Includes 8 presser bases with snap- on mounting.
  • Presents assignments directly through the TV screen.
  • The free arm design adds redundant sewing functionality.


  • Picking aches through 12 defenses( 6 per runner) is delicate.
  • The bobbin case requires frequent cleaning due to the erected- in detectors.


With all these great features, the Brother SE400 embroidery machine won’t only allow you to use your creativity to produce and produce each and every design on your clothes, but it’ll also help you save plutocrat when it comes to You may need commodity special that you ca n’t find. on the request. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services.

This multi-purpose Family SE400 embroidery and sewing machine is ideal for developing your embroidery chops to produce unique designs. The embroidery machine is easy to use and operate, and it produces high- quality results at a harmonious speed.