Still, you may be under the print that my children are living in a homeless sanctum grounded on the way they complain about their towel, If you’re a be on the wall of my house. The problem is that they come out of my sewing room with a lot of monogrammed towel and also get used to seeing other people as gifts.

So, naturally, they’re jealous of the kerchief and ask to join the action. I’ll use this occasion to start my vacation sewing and show you all how to exaggerate on towel.

Why exaggerate on towel?

still, towel are a great launch, If you’re a freshman at machine embroidery and Embroidery digitizing service. Towel are flat which makes them easy to swim on a piece of circle stabilizer. When you’re stretching, you don’t have to struggle to keep the redundant material out of the way.

Towel are cheap

Towel are also relatively cheap, especially if you start with bone store kitchen towel. If you’re confused – it’s not a big deal. You can indeed get bath towel veritably cheap. Walmart and Marshalls vend bath towel for about$ 7 or$ 8.

Exaggerated towel are a great gift

Towel are also a great gift. Especially suitable for marriage and engagement gifts. A newlywed or engaged couple would love to see their initials together on anything, so you really ca not go wrong with giving away a set of monogrammed towel.

Kitchen towel can also be a great gift for a host or visitant with a funny or seasonal embroidery design f. I ’d like to suture seasonal embroidery designs on some kitchen towel and also add my philanthropist’s last name below for a fully customized and substantiated touch.

Tips for Embroidering on Towel

still, we ’ve collected a list of our stylish tips for stretching towel, If you want to jump into kerchief embroidery. Knitters of all situations must find commodity to learn. Let’s jump straight in!

1. Wash and Dry your Towel

Utmost towel do not shrink too important when you wash them, but it’s possible, especially if they’re made of cotton. That’s why I recommend that you wash and dry your towel before stretching.

It takes care of loss and wetlands down any redundant colorings or chemicals used during the manufacturing process. However, pre-sifting the fabric may not be a new idea for you, but do n’t forget that it also applies to the embroidery spaces you have bought, If you suture a lot.

2. Choose a design with solid stitching

These are more because delicate or thin aches will get lost in the texture of the kerchief! In addition, the solid pattern and stitching are more stable and more suited to traditional apparel that comes with the kerchief. If you’re going to use your kerchief( rather of just putting it on display) make sure you avoid delicate sewing designs.

3. Play with placements, and use what works for you

For reliable placement, place your design 4 elevation above the lower border of your kerchief. This is standard placement for grown-ups similar as bath towel or sand towel and will look great when folded.

4. Use 11 or 14 size needles

A 14 needle is redundant sharp and is perfect for piercing without damaging the fabric. These are the sizes that are generally recommended but they aren’t universal. rather, it’s more applicable to use these sizes as a starting point and widen or constrict them. Again, this is about trial and error and using what feels comfortable to you.

5. Use a cut- down stabilizer

While you can use principally any stabilizer for towel, using the cut- down stabilizer will give you maximum support as it’s the strongest stabilizer available.

6. But there are druthers

still, some knitters prefer to use a gash way stabilizer, If you know that the reverse of your kerchief will be on display. The bits of your cut- off stabilizers will stick with your final design so if you do n’t want a gash- off stabilizer is a better option. Click then for further information on our blog “ Taking the Headache out of Embroidery Stabilizers ” and download the free Stabilizer companion.

7. Use water-answerable condiments

It’s extremely suggested that you use a water-answerable beating. This is to make sure your aches do n’t get lost or sink into your kerchief. The beating will fit your design because your machine works. It’s a clear plastic material that can be fluently removed by tearing and also drawing the residue with a damp cloth.

8. ‘ Float ’ your embroidery

occasionally your kerchief can be so thick that you ca n’t circle it together with your stabilizer and beating. To remedy this you can ‘ break ’ your kerchief over your circle.

9. Use a spray- on tenacious

still, make sure you have a spray- on glue can in your hand! This will help keep all your layers in place and won’t beget any hassle on your particulars, If you try to float your material. Note Some knitters use legs rather. It all depends on the individual and their own preferences but numerous people suppose that sticky effects are quick and easy!

10. Use the design template

This will insure that your placement comes out impeccably. There are some templates that come with software and some that come with embroidery machines. However, you can buy them or download the introductory bone from the internet, If your software or machine doesn’t come with the template. Your door embroidery software will allow you to publish the design with references that you can use as a template. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services.


Congratulations! Now you have successfully exaggerated the kerchief. Go hang it proudly in your home or save it as a gift!

Enjoy Your exaggerated Kerchief.