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Generally, banks have a lot of formalities while processing your loan request. It’s really hard to get a loan if you have a bad credit history. People with bad credit history always get rejected by private and government banks. So they have no choice but to rely on hard money lenders. Hard money lenders provide money by securing a real property. They use the price opinion suggested by the broker to determine the property’s actual value. There are plenty of hard money lenders in Los Angeles but choosing the ideal one for you is a difficult task.

What is Hard Money Lender?

First of all, you must understand that hard money is a type of real estate loan used as an alternative form of financing. If you get rejected for a bank statement loan in California or elsewhere, then a hard money lender is your only option. Such loans rely upon property value rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Must-Have Qualities in Your Hard Money Lender

There are certain qualities that your hard money lender must possess. This write-up will enlist the important qualities that you must keep in your mind before consulting a hard money lender.


A hard money lender in California or elsewhere must have good expertise in real estate lending and real estate investing. Any team member of hard money lenders should be capable of rehabbing a property, flipping property, and renting property. If your hard money lender is capable of all these things, then you’ll be able to get tremendous value beyond the loan. In addition, the hard money lender will help you evaluate your deal and ensure you achieve the expected returns.


A reliable hard money lender will always be transparent about his fees, rates, and terms of the loan before providing you with a loan. The hard money lender you rely on must have good experience and knowledge of the industry. In addition, the lender must respect your current situation and propose solutions accordingly.


Your hard money lender must be able to quickly close the deal because the deals have transitioned from MLS to wholesale in most markets. Therefore, the quick closing of the deal will help you get a competitive advantage. In addition, the hard money lender must be well-equipped with the resources to approve your application as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours). Furthermore, your hard money lender needs to quickly get your deal evaluated and process & close the deal in the required timeframe.

The Bottom Line

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