Is it very hard to keep your kids entertained and active in a summer camp in Chicago? Not really! Well, when you don’t have a long list of fun and exciting ideas for summer camp you might find it challenging!

With great camp activities, you can build community spirit and offer exclusive benefits to your children. These Chicago kids summer camp ideas would keep them engaged they would surely come back every summer.

From fun gaming to crafts, project ideas to new experiments, you will get a list of top summer camp activity ideas in this article. It will engage your children and delight kids of all ages.

Field day

Who doesn’t love Field Day where they can try their hands at exciting outdoor challenges? You can arrange several stations with fun group activities like a three-legged race, water balloon hot potato super soaker tag, etc. In fact, you can also try out new games that let your kids get dirty.

If you want to try out fun activities that don’t require any special equipment you can try a cup for cup. You would require only plastic cups, a bucket, and water.

Cabin carnival

Allow the kids to brainstorm a fun carnival game. They can arrange the entire activity in the cabin or indoor space. You can also provide some basic supplies like empty cups and bottles, balloons, Rubber ducks, balloons, and bean bags. Instead of offering them a prize, you can offer them stamps that campers can collect once they complete their activity.

Junkyard wars

Based on the available time and age group you can build small groups among the campers. Moreover, based on the available time you can arrange fun activities. In case the campers are using safe tools it would be a fun idea to challenge them to construct a catapult. For much younger kids give them lightweight material and see if they can build a cage for the egg.

Water balloon dodge ball

Dodge ball becomes more fun when you include water balloons. It is an excellent activity for hot summer days when kids love a fun way to cool off. Also, you can provide different balloons to see which team can have the most hits.

Talent show

Each kid is unique and let them flaunt their uniqueness. Arrange a talent hunt function where kids can show off their incredible talents. All you need to do is arrange a stage and place your audience to sit.

Wrapping up

Summer camps are truly a great way to engage your kids with a fun activity. These ideas are plenty enough to arrange an engaging summer camp in Chicago for your kids.