1. Multi-function LCD dashboard: Many 50 to 60 mileage bikes in India come with a multi-function LCD dashboard that provides information on the speed, distance, fuel level and other important indicators.

Exclusive Technical Features of 50 to 60 mileage bikes in india

  1. Fuel injection system: This technology helps to deliver precise fuel quantity for better combustion and improved performance.


  1. ABS brakes: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an important safety feature in many 50 to 60 mileage bikes in India. It helps in reducing skidding and maintaining control in case of an emergency.


  1. Electric start: Most bikes in this segment come with a self-start button that makes it easy to start the engine.


  1. Telescopic front suspension: The telescopic front suspension helps to absorb shocks and provide better ride comfort.


  1. High-performance tires: High-performance tires with improved grip and traction help to enhance the overall stability of the bike.


  1. LED headlamps: LED headlamps provide better visibility during night rides.


  1. Step-through design: This design helps to provide a comfortable riding experience by allowing the rider to easily mount and dismount the bike.


  1. Alloy wheels: Alloy wheels are lighter and provide better handling and stability.


10. Low seat height: Bikes in this segment come with a low seat height that makes it easy for shorter riders to reach the ground.