Now, the processing time for expedited passports is from three to five weeks. You must schedule an appointment at a US Passport Agency with proof of travel such as an airline ticket, itinerary, and travel confirmation if you need to depart in less than six weeks. Call to make an appointment at a US Passport Agency as appointments are necessary.

The US government establishes passport procedures, and it maintains a website with a list of all passport requirements

What you should do is

All candidates must attend in person at the Clerk’s office for 5-7 weeks for an Expedited new passport. For passport services, appointments are necessary ┬áRegardless of age, EVERY applicant’s birth certificate must have both parents’ names. Every candidate must supply their Social Security number.

Children under the age of 15 must be present with both parents. Children 16 and older may show up with just one parent. Please wait until the Clerk’s representative asks you to sign the passport application.

What you’ll need to bring:

  • a finished US passport application and
  • Two face-front, current, professional images, each measuring 2″ by 2″. A white or light background is required for photos. No student photos will be accepted; and
  • a birth certificate that was issued by a State or Municipal Bureau of Vital Statistics, either in its entirety or as a certified copy with a raised seal and the filing date as photocopies are not accepted. Regardless of age, both parents’ names must appear on birth certificates; or
  • a certificate of naturalization and here photocopies are not acceptable or
  • an old passport from the United States

You must bring both originals and photocopies of the birth certificate or naturalization certificate when making an appointment at an outreach location and an Expedited new passport can be obtained easily.