When you might be moving into your new house, the lovable smell of freshly painted walls is the first thing that will welcome your inside your property. To stay on top of the game, you must know a few expert tips to get the best from the paint job done by house painters on your house walls.

Never overlook the importance of primers

Once the walls are cleaned and prepared for the paint work, priming is of great importance. There are different types of primers to choose from and you must know the right one to pick for your walls. Two coats of primer will ensure that your walls will get an even finish.  The role of the primer in assuring a great finish can never be underestimated.

Try the different paint shades

Before choosing the best color for your interior and exterior walls, you must first buy sample quantities first and then try them on the walls. Patch tests will let you understand how the different shades actually look once painted. In this way, you can be confident of choosing the right one.

Mix large quantities of paint

In order to ensure the uniformity of the output, it is recommended to mix large quantities of paints than mixing in small proportions. When you mix in small proportions several times, it will be difficult to ensure consistency of shades. If you mix the entire quantity of a given color in one mix, you will find a uniform color mix for the whole room.

Which ones are the best: rollers or brushes

Quite a many people get confused on which one to choose for the paint job – whether rollers or brushes. The right answer for this is: you must have both rollers and brushes and use them rightly depending on the nature of the area you paint. While rollers do  neat job on large surfaces, brushes can reach out smaller areas, trims, and edges.

Cover the areas you do not want to paint

Cover the floor and the areas you do not want to paint so that you can avoid spilling and splashing of paint in those areas while painting. Do not miss out the smaller areas like switchboards, door knobs, wood work, light fittings, and others that are easy to be overlooked.

Plan ahead

Never rush with the paint job. Understand the weather patterns in your region and paint only during the time of the year when the climate is dry and the air has low levels of humidity. Optimum time is necessary for interior and exterior paints to dry. Ensuring this can help in ensuring the longevity of the paint job.

Choose the best painters

For the success of the paint job, it is necessary that you choose the best house painters who have bagged good reviews and are well experienced in the industry with an accomplished track record. Get multiple quotes and examine them thoroughly before you choose a painting contractor to work with.

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