Mahindra has always been known for its customer-focused commercial vehicles and value-added services. This company has seen a sales growth of 9.23% in its sales data for February 2023. As a result, you can see the brand’s progress in the Indian commercial vehicle market. The company manufactures various commercial vehicles for various applications, such as auto-rickshaws for passenger transport and mini trucks and pickups for commercial cargo transport. Let’s take a look at the popular electric passenger carrier Mahindra Treo Auto Rickshaw.

Mahindra Treo Electric Auto Rickshaw Top Specification 

  • This electric rickshaw powers with a Lithium-ion battery of 7.37 kW capacity.  Also, it contributes to initiating a new range of electric rickshaws with more earning potential. 
  • The model has superior ride quality and best-in-class interior space. You can ride the change with Mahindra Treo for a better future. 
  • Furthermore, it offers 8kW power and 42 NM torque to make driving an enjoyable experience. 
  • Moreover, with its higher gradeability of 12.7 degrees, this vehicle is easy to climb flyovers and steeper slopes.
  • The auto-rickshaw has a kerb weight of 377 KG for moving passengers from one side to another location. 
  • It has a driver plus 3-passenger seating capacity for comfortable transportation. 
  • Its price range in India starts from Rs. 2.79 Lakh to Rs. 3.02 Lakh*. Further, its on-road price in India may change relying on the availability of different RTOs. 

For getting further details regarding the Mahindra Treo, you can visit the Truck Junction web platform.