What are your initial thoughts when you first think about Key West? Magnificent sunsets Mallory Square. Duval Street nightlife? Spending time in the cool palm tree shade by the sea? Even though Key West is a very tiny area, there is a lot to do here that’ll keep you occupied.  


Whether it’s your first time or a returning visitor, Key West has much to offer, especially if you have the right gift card to shop for some vacation essentials. The year-round warmth makes this destination a perfect choice for sunbathing and beach activities. 

 This guide details the most enjoyable activities to explore in Key West. 


  1. Appreciating Key West History 


In southwest Florida, Key West has a great holiday spot because it is the southernmost location in the continental United States. Despite its small size of four miles in length and 1.5 miles in width, Key West is jam-packed with activities. 

 You probably weren’t aware of this, but Key West is nearer to Cuba than Miami. Key West residents and visitors can tell their friends and family back home that they live only 95 miles from Cuba, but Miami is 130 miles distant by plane. 

 Key West was inhabited by the Native American tribes Calusa and Tequesta before the nineteenth century. Following the 1763 Spanish transfer of Florida from Spain to Great Britain, these indigenous peoples were relocated to Cuba. However, Lieutenant Commander Matthew C. Perry planted the American flag on the Florida Keys for the first time in 1822, officially making the islands part of the United States. 

 Since then, lots of people from both inside and outside of America have come to Key West to enjoy its historical and natural attractions. 

Continue reading to learn some activities that keep visitors returning to Key West. 


  1. Stroll About Mallory Square 

Mallory Square is a well-known destination in Key West and can be found south of Duval Street. Located on Key West’s historic shoreline, this spacious venue is home to various cafes and stores selling essential Key West souvenirs.  

When visiting Key West, it is imperative to witness the sunset at Mallory Square while relaxing in a hammock bought with Key West gift cards. However, you should anticipate having to share the vista with hundreds of other people. The Sunset Celebration, which takes place in Mallory Square after sunset, features free live street performances, some of which contain explicit material. 

  1. Head Straight Toward Duval Street 

If you have a little time in Key West, visit Duval Street. The street, roughly one mile long, can be found in the middle of Key West’s historic district, midway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Due to a wealth of eateries, attractions, and stores, Duval Street is home to some activities we’ll discuss later. Duval Street is always busy, and at night, it has some of the best live music you’ll ever hear. The presence of street performers and live music enhances the overall experience. 

  1. Visit the Southernmost Tip of the US

A vacation to Key West would be incomplete without a stop at the Southernmost Point, a buoy on the beach that marks the southernmost point of the mainland United States. The buoy may be found at the very end of Old Town in Key West, flanked on all sides by historic homes and buildings, as well as several of Key West’s finest watering holes and restaurant chains. If you want to grab a picture with the buoy without spending all day there, you should arrive before sunrise because it gets swamped later in the day. 

 Many tourists incorrectly assume that the Southernmost Point provides a direct line of sight to Cuba. However, you must have a massive set of binoculars to do that because the earth is curved, so you can’t see beyond 16 miles to sea anywhere worldwide. 

  1. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum 

Ernest Hemingway is Key West’s most popular resident, and the museum that previously housed him remains one of the island’s most renowned tourist attractions. Another thing you might not think about doing is going to a museum to see six-toed cats. Apparently, Hemingway once acquired a six-toed cat from a ship’s captain, and the offspring of this cat can still be seen roaming the grounds today. 

 Not only does the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum have cats, but you can also see the actual spot where one of America’s most recognized writers wrote most of his works. 

  1. Experience Dry Tortugas National Park by Foot 

The only means of transportation to Dry Tortugas National Park, which spans 100 square miles, is by boat or seaplane. The park comprises seven islands and is renowned internationally for the picturesque Fort Jefferson, formerly a Civil War prison.  

You can stroll along immaculate beaches, snorkel with spectacular fishes, enjoy a guided tour of Fort Jefferson, or bask in the sun. 


We’re convinced you’ll have a terrific trip in Key West because there is no shortage of exciting things to explore. But as part of some farewell counsel, remember that there’s just one route from the continental United States to Key West. 

If you’re driving, keep some food, a hammock, and a sense of humor in the car just in case a breakdown on the way causes you to be late. Key West’s attractions are 100% worth every second.