Athletes cannot reach optimum performance without fueling their bodies properly. The body needs to have a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to function optimally.

While the current study suggests that individuals have a broad understanding of healthy food choices, there are challenges with applying this knowledge into everyday practice. This is where blogs may come in handy as a tool for dietitians to communicate procedural healthy eating information effectively.

Nutrition Twins

Pregnancy can be challenging enough, but if you’re expecting twins, you have to add about 600 extra calories to your diet each day. These extra calories are needed to support two babies, extra fluids and the placenta.

Tammy and Elysse Shames, the twin sisters known as The Nutrition Twins, help thousands of people boost their energy naturally and get healthier, happier and in tip-top shape. The twins are nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists and personal trainers. Their work has been featured on media outlets ranging from The Doctors and Fox and Friends to CNN and USA Today.


FWDfuel is a health blog that shares recipes and advice for achieving optimal performance through nutritional changes. The site also provides readers with tools to avoid fatigue and inflammation, improve digestion and identify food sensitivities.

This collaborative health blog from NPR focuses on healthy living and reporting on the wellness scene including modern nutrition, natural beauty, boutique fitness and more. The blog also features trend-spotting news about the healthcare industry. The site takes a holistic approach to health concerns believing that physical, mental and nutritional well-being are all interconnected.


Wellness company mindbodygreen approaches health from the spiritual, physical and emotional perspective. Their content includes articles and guides on topics ranging from functional food to mindfulness.

The company has amassed a library of world-class instructional video classes and attracts an audience of more than 12 million unique visitors a month. They make money by selling access to those videos, as well as through branded content.

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MyFitnessPal has a vast food and drink database, and their search function is extremely accurate. Most pre-packaged foods and beverages can be found in their database, as well as many restaurant dishes and homemade recipes.

MyFitnessPal also takes into account calorie burn from exercise, which helps with achieving a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be easy to become obsessive about tracking calories and neglect to eat enough of the right foods. Fitness is a holistic journey, and tracking is just one small part of it.


Founded by journalists Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula in 2010, Well+Good is the go-to source for trends in the wellness scene—from boutique fitness to the latest green juice. They’ll help you sort out the fads from the genuinely helpful, so you can sleep soundly in your high-tech infrared pyjamas and eat activated charcoal with confidence.

Abbey Stone is the executive editor for Well+Good and our guest for this episode. You can find her on Twitter.

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Bites of Wellness

Whether you’re looking to try new recipes or clear your mind, health blogs are a great resource. Using credible information, these sites provide inspiration to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

FWDfuel shares recipes and advice for a healthy lifestyle for athletes and people with active lives. The blog helps readers avoid fatigue and inflammation, identify food sensitivities, and improve digestion.

This fitness blog covers everything from workouts and diet to yoga and mindfulness. It also offers a range of tips to increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Brittany Mullins

Brittany Mullins is an entrepreneur, chef and holistic nutritionist. She blogs and teaches cooking classes. She is also the author of a new cookbook. Her site features recipes, fitness routines and wellness articles.

She helps clients solve their health issues by addressing the root cause through functional lab testing and transformational subconscious mindset reprogramming. She believes in forming a team with her clients and empowering them along the way to help achieve their goals. She is the wife of Memphis May Fire lead singer Matty Mullins. Click here or visit our official website to gain a comprehensive understanding of the blogosphere.