microwave oven has brought a change plus revolution in the kitchen routine. It helps you to cook and heat food within minutes. Everyone is looking for smarter and more efficient ways in their busy routine. This kitchen appliance greatly serves as an assistant to your kitchen activities.

The significance of using a microwave oven

If you are looking for a time-saving solution for heating food, then no worries. You are at the right place to get a detailed description of this appliance. It serves multiple usages apart from cooking or heating. Below are some microwave oven uses, for example

  • Baking
  • Toasting
  • Roasting
  • Grilling

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An oven comes cubical with multiple buttons for operations. You will see a timer button that is unique to the other buttons. Then, a LED display for showing time. Some models come with panel-style buttons, while some include knob style. A handle or a push button allows you to open or shut its door.

The glass door allows you to see the food from inside. Also, manufacturers install LED light in it that powers on as soon you power on the appliance.

How useful is this appliance for food?

Quick heating

The foremost thought that comes to mind whenever you think of a microwave is the speed of cooking. Instead of using stoves or induction, it can heat the food quickly. An electron tube known as a magnetron generates radio waves during heating. The waves then transfer heat energy to the food molecules.

This process occurs when the turntable rotates along the food; the radio waves spread uniformly. Hence, the molecules gain energy and vibrate vigorously, allowing fast heat transfer.

Setting timer functions

With a timer, you can set the time for various dishes. For instance, you want to heat food in it. Say no to standing in front of it or waiting for a long time to make it ready. Rather just put the timer on, shut the door, and wait for its beep. The beep sound indicates that your food is ready to eat.

Defrosting ability

Defrosting vegetables and meat is another challenging job. However, if you have a good microwave, then within minutes, the process completes—no long wait for the ice to melt. Just a single touch or push away is the defrost button.


It requires weekly cleaning, or sometimes you need to clean it after two weeks. Your cleaning routine depends upon the usage of the appliance. If you use it daily, you might make it untidy within three to four days. Instead of using harsh chemicals, use a damp cloth. Usually, the remaining food becomes hard if you don’t clean it up promptly. Although cleaning is simple, you need to put a little extra effort into including this in your routine.

Reheat the food

Reheating is a common practice that almost every person does. No matter how long you have kept the leftovers of food in your fridge. Grab them and place them directly in them. You can enjoy the food from the past without worrying about health effects.

Heat setting

Every food requires different types of heating. Some require intense heat, while others could warm the food mildly. You can try out different heating modes with a variety of power levels.

Safe for children

A microwave of Hyundai power is always safer to use than an induction or stove. Even children can safely operate it.

Is a microwave different than an oven?microwave-oven

Mostly the term microwave oven and oven are used interchangeably. That’s because it seems like both have the same functionalities. However, both have different modes of working. An oven with microwave energy works on its principle of microwave radiation. In comparison, the normal oven works on the principle of electric current. Further, you might see a temperature measuring gauge that allows you to cook according to the temperature.

Initially, it heats the entire compartment rather than only the food. It allows you to set different pints for heat distribution. Hence, you can cook or bake with the perfect consistency of heat. Now you must perceive the difference between microwave and oven.

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The takeaway

A microwave oven is almost everybody’s requirement. Therefore, whosoever wants to purchase it shall visit the store to get the best product offers. You should get the one that provides efficient heating for the food.