Halo engagement rings of today frequently highlight the milgrain and micro pave ornamentation.

A halo engagement ring is a traditional design that has a circle of tiny diamonds around the main stone. For the past 20 years, it has been one of the most popular engagement ring designs. Since then, the fashion has significantly changed but remains fairly similar. Because of the distinctive modern designs made with the halo setting, which are appealing to the modern bride. 

Since its debut in 1920, the halo engagement ring has continued to hold the second-most popular position among engagement ring designs. The under halo engagement ring has been used by newlyweds for several centuries to beautify their fingers. The average person, celebrities, and monarchs all enjoy wearing this style. This year, Georgian-inspired jewelry (1714–1837) has had a big resurgence and this increases the allure of halo rings even more.

In addition to being a very popular option, halo rings are also very useful. It enhances the ring’s shine while safeguarding the center stone. Additionally, being adaptable and stylish seems like a lot to accomplish for one engagement ring. It seems unlikely that a ring with such a long history and widespread appeal will go out of vogue. As a classic setting, it’s one of the most popular choices, alongside the solitaire.

Halo engagement rings today are very different from those of the past. They are the ideal fusion of retro allure and contemporary style.

Under Halo Engagement Ring

Because it holds a center stone with a little diamonds surrounding the under gallery of the center diamond, the under-halo diamond ring design is distinctive and endearing. This appearance is astounding since it grabs attention and captivates beauty with its subtle grace and sophisticated charm. This form of setting is discreet but highly attractive because the under halo is a hidden setting that may be seen if the ring is tilted or viewed from a side angle. If you are a woman who appreciates a simple style with a touch of extravagance, keep an eye out for the remarkable attention to detail and choose this ring.

With the option to mix and match your choice of metals and diamonds, David’s House of Diamonds offers both a high setting under halo design and a low setting under halo design, making it the finest spot to create your own ring. We provide a variety of gems together with magnificent center diamonds set in opulent under halo settings. Only individuals with distinctive tastes would wear this style. Its popularity has been consistent, and we believe it will remain popular.

Morganite Halo Engagement Ring

The demand for Morganite engagement rings keeps rising. Pink sapphires and pink diamonds are other options for pale pink gemstones; they are frequently used in combination with white diamonds. You might enjoy this style if you’re a bold and unconventional person. The Morganite Halo engagement ring represents the best of other ring designs. With its captivating rose and peachy pink hues and high degree of brilliance, morganite halo makes for a very alluring stone.

Baguette under halo engagement ring

Our engagement ring features a stunning diamond baguette under halo pattern that was inspired by the ballerina bands of the 1940s and sparkling snowflakes falling on a winter day. With this stunning engagement ring style, a wedding band can rest right next to the engagement ring’s band. You may make this emerald design your own by adding a round-shaped center stone in any color of gold, such as a natural or lab-grown diamond, a Moissanite, or a gemstone. This may be your best option if you’re a girl who likes bling and plans to wear your baguette halo engagement ring to all the wedding-related gatherings.

Not yet convinced? Here are some further arguments in favor of the persistence of halos.

Diamond bands perform best with halo settings

One could argue that a solitaire and a pavé diamond band are a match made in heaven. We concur, but a halo setting makes the pavé band appear much brighter. The numerous little diamonds in a halo setting and a diamond band complement one another.

The Halo setting provides the central stone with extra defense

The possibility of losing large stones exists at all times. Additionally, it is advisable to encircle an edged shape, like the pear, with a protective halo. Despite their hardness, diamonds are more susceptible to damage along their edges.

Any diamond shape looks beautiful with a halo

Most diamond shapes work well with halo settings. This setting’s adaptability makes it even more appealing to jewelry designers and contemporary brides.

Wrap Up

After the solitaire, the halo is the most sought-after engagement ring design. This ring type has been increasingly popular over the years. Thanks to the support of prominent designers and celebrities. Celebs including Pippa Middleton, Lady Gaga, and Kate Middleton have all chosen halo engagement rings. So, to sum up, halo engagement rings are still in vogue.