These days the index of competition is really quite stiff irrespective of the industry we are talking about. Naturally when we talk about lab equipments the scenario is no different. Manufacturers and suppliers working in this field often operate as supplying vendors to Institutions like schools, colleges, universities, engineering institutes, Research and Development Institutes, etc. In order to gain an advantage over there competition these brands try to offer a solid band of value added services and extra perks. In the course of this discussion we will take a look at some of these extra perks offered by top rated analytical laboratory equipments manufacturers.

Doorstep delivery

The very first value added perk that you can receive from these manufacturers and suppliers is door step delivery of the laboratory equipment. Some of the top rated analytical lab equipments suppliers have their business network spread in different parts of the world. This is exactly why they can facilitate door step delivery of their equipments to any mentioned address across the world. Since, many of these lab instruments are really quite big in their size and are sensitive in their designs, transporting them from the manufacturing unit to the actual address of the customer can become a challenge. This is where their value added service of door step delivery can come as really handy.

Initial installation and adjustment

These suppliers will also provide you with the service of initial installment and adjustment of their equipments. They will assemble all the parts of the equipment and will calibrate and adjust them so that the students or the teachers can use them perfectly to get absolutely correct readings and findings.

Initial training

Many of these lab instruments and equipment pieces are rather technical in their design. Users need hands on training so that they can make an optimal usage of these items. This is where these manufacturers and suppliers will come forward to offer an initial practical training to their customers. Apart from this training they also provide detailed instruction leaflets which contain all the important directions of using these equipments properly. As the customer and the user of these instruments you must read these instructions carefully to make optimal usage of the laboratory equipments.

Solid band of guarantee

Each of the product comes with the solid band of guarantee and warranty period. This is the time when they will provide free of cost repair services and even replacement of the instrument if required.

Lifetime repair and replacement

Once this guarantee and warranty period is over even then they provide the value added service of lifetime repair and replacement or these equipments for the benefit of their customers. This means now whenever there is a problem with your equipment all that you need to do is place a call with these brands so that they can take care of the issue in no time.

Easy customization

Finally these brands are real swift with needs of customization coming from the end of their customers. As a customer if you need a special change made in any of their products when you place an order for it, they can take care of the requirement in no time.