Organization/Business leaders frequently think about enabling their sales team with the help of training initiatives to streamline/crystalize their existing sales processes.

In the current world where buyers are evolving and information is just a fingertip away, they do not just expect the seller to share the same information, but rather enlighten them with something more which is different.

Frequently the leaders believe Sales Consulting Company is just enabling the sellers how to sell and believe everyone is quite familiar with and mastered it.

Sales Training Companies have become quite common and are abundantly available nowadays. As a buyer, there are multiple factors that should ideally be considered while choosing the best service provider.

Below are a few of the important differences between traditional sales training/consulting companies Vs world-class.

Traditional Company World Class Company
Trainers come from a training background Trainers are sales professionals throughout their careers and turned into trainers
Focus on theory Practical scenarios with real-life examples
Soft skill/communication centric Concept & Science centric
Emphasis on how to sell Why & How the customers buy
Standard classroom sessions Workshops with methodologies/framework
Becomes a one-time activity Priority on post-training & reinforcement to make it as part of their DNA
Let’s you focus on just customers’ need Need Behind the Need
Addresses SYMPTOMS Addresses CAUSES
Focus more on selling Helping customers in a win-win way


We believe these pointers could be of help to you while choosing your next sales training/consulting company.