Imagine waking up with that perfect, luscious lash line you’ve always dreamed of! Well, much effort goes into achieving that look, from saving money to finding the best lash extension salons and ensuring the right products and techniques are used. But it’s all worth it when you’re eyelash extensions are finally ready to flaunt.

Though the extensions are meant to last a few weeks, you might notice that your precious lashes are falling out at an alarming rate. As these extensions are supposed to fall out slowly, it’s natural to worry about your lash line becoming skimpier by the day and what’s causing this issue. Read the blog post to find out what could be causing your extensions to fall out prematurely and how you can fix it!

Let’s dive right in before another extension drops too soon!

Why Do Lash Extensions Fall Out Prematurely?

Generally, lash extensions fall out with the natural lash they are attached to at the end of their life cycle. It’s normal to lose a few lashes and extensions almost daily, but if you notice that your extensions are shedding excessively, it is time to look into what could be causing this problem.

Often poor extension application, along with a lack of aftercare, can lead to premature lash loss. Let’s break down the most common reasons that explain why your eyelash extensions are shedding:

The Role of the Natural Growth Cycle

Did you ever wonder that every eyelash has its own life cycle? Your baby lashes today will grow into long and strong lashes with proper care. That said, some lashes may experience shedding due to the natural growth cycle, but this is completely normal.

The natural life cycle of an eyelash can last up to 90 days. During this time, you might notice that you are losing 2-5 lashes daily as they reach the end of their cycle. While it is perfectly normal for some lashes to detach from the follicle due to their natural life cycle, you should pay attention to any sudden or excessive lash shedding as it could indicate an underlying medical condition.

For some medical conditions like alopecia areata or blepharitis that may trigger excessive lash loss, you should refrain from getting extensions. Otherwise, you can ensure your lashes receive proper care and nourishment for optimal growth during their natural life cycle.

Poor Lash Extension Application Technique

There is much more to applying eyelash extensions than sticking synthetic or natural lash fibers to lashes. A skilled lash tech knows which extension fibers are right for each set of lashes, how much glue should be used, and how to attach the fibers where they need to be careful.

On the other hand, an untrained and inexperienced individual may make one of these common mistakes that can lead to premature lash shedding:

  • When extensions are too thick, long, or heavy and they weigh down on the lashes, causing them to drop.
  • Gluing two or more natural lashes together with or without extensions attached can cause premature lash shedding. If one of the eyelashes in a clump is still growing, it will pull against the glued lashes and potentially tweak them and their extensions out.
  • Beginners might go the easy route and use cluster lash extensions instead of individual ones. Cluster lashes are ready-made bunches of eyelashes that can be attached simultaneously instead of one lash at a time. However, these can be too heavy for natural lashes and require lots of glue to stay in place, making them even heavier and more likely to trigger lash loss.

To protect your natural and extensions lashes, always check up on a lash tech before making an appointment with them. Ask for their qualifications, experience, and a portfolio of previous work to ensure a professional eyelash extensions application process.

Lack of Proper Aftercare

There comes a shocking surprise; you might miss out on proper aftercare leading to your extensions falling off earlier than you think.

It is possible that if you’ve jumped into the shower right after leaving your lash salon, you apply oily cream around your eyes every night before sleeping, smashing your face on the pillow as you sleep or rubbing roughly with a cotton pad while trying to remove waterproof makeup. All these habits loosen up extensions and increase the risk of shedding.

Though professional-grade lash adhesive is supremely strong, works like concrete in bonding the extensions to your natural lashes, and is quite unbeatable, some things can break this bond. This bond is especially weak in the first four hours after extensions are applied while the glue is still curing.

Keeping lashes away from water and moisture for at least four hours after your application is generally recommended. As per the glue being used, the lash artist can confirm your waiting period.

You might unknowingly and unintentionally be doing certain things that make your extensions fall out quicker than usual; here are some of them:

  • Use of makeup or products that contain oil, salt, or glycols near your eyes
  • Using makeup that wears a long time
  • Sleeping on your stomach or using rough and abrasive pillowcases
  • Spending too much time in the heat in the sun, sauna, or hot yoga class within 48 hours of your procedure
  • Allowing hot water to spray on your extensions during showers directly.
  • Cleaning lashes too aggressively or not cleaning them at all
  • Spending time in the sea or chlorine pools regularly without your goggles.
  • Using a lash curler, having a lash lift, wearing false lashes, and blow-drying extensions with a hot setting are other habits that would cause the extensions to fall off earlier.

Now that you know the don’ts, you can stay away from them. Proper aftercare and following the instructions of your lash artist are essential to ensure that your extensions last longer.

More Easy Method for Ensuring Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

Eyelash extension retention depends on the lash tech’s application technique and aftercare. The natural lashes before applying extensions should be cleaned properly for better retention. The perfect length and curl of the extensions set should match the natural lashes, as this will help ensure improved retention. The right amount of glue with a suitable drying time should ensure the extensions remain intact.

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Understanding Normal Shedding Timelines for Lashes

Although it’s not easy to determine whether the premature shedding is due to a lash tech error or something the client did, you can use the three days rule as a starting point.

When a client experiences eyelashes falling out within three days, it is likely to assume that there has been a mistake on behalf of the lash technician. To investigate the issue and rule out any negligence on behalf of the client, it might be wise to offer a refill for the appointment.

After three days, understanding normal shedding timelines becomes more complex as it could combine both the client’s activities and a lash tech error. So, it is important to watch for any signs that extensions are falling off without being attached to a natural eyelash.

Key Takeaways

Eyelash extensions normally last around 2-3 weeks before needing a refill. Extensions falling off prematurely is usually due to improper application, aftercare, or activities that can loosen the bond of the extension. It’s important to watch for any above signs that extensions are falling out too quickly and to determine the cause.

A reputable lash technician can help you get the most out of your lash extensions with a perfect application technique and special aftercare advice. With that, you’re ready to enjoy extra days with fuller, fluttery lashes!