Barium sulphate precipitated adopts the leading production technology at home and abroad, and uses pure physical and chemical processing methods to carry out ultra-fine processing of selected barite, so that it has the following characteristics.

Features and Benefits

Features And Uses Of Barium Sulphate Precipitated

Excellent gloss

Excellent whiteness and weather resistance, special organic surface treatment gives it excellent dispersibility.

The product has high purity and few impurities. The particle size distribution is narrow, and the average particle size (D50) is about 0.35–0.4μm. It is added in a high proportion of titanium dioxide, the hiding power is basically kept unchanged, and the gloss of the product can be greatly improved. As a pigment filler, it can improve the dispersion performance of the pigment and increase the efficiency of the use of the pigment.

Spatial separation capacity

It is mixed with titanium dioxide in a certain proportion, has good spatial separation ability with titanium dioxide and PVC particles, good particle size distribution and dispersibility, forms peaks and valleys in the profile, and reduces static electricity.

Good dispersion and narrow particle size distribution

It has a good affinity with PVC and titanium dioxide particles, and is easy to mix, thereby eliminating optical flocculation during the extrusion process. Improve the surface finish, make the visible surface of the profile uniform in color, smooth and flat, and clean the end surface. Reduce unevenness and Shrinkage marks caused by processing technology. Enhanced toughness, impact resistance, aging resistance, no discoloration. Suitable for calendering.

Features And Uses Of Barium Sulphate Precipitated

Efficient thermal stability

Chemical changes occur above 1580 ℃. Reduce the dimensional change rate of the profile after heating, strengthen the stress, and have good weather resistance. It can be widely used in the application of high gloss and high weather resistance materials.

Applications and Functions

Barium sulphate precipitated is widely used in plastics, coatings, inks and other industries. It is filled in transparent PE film, high-gloss PP, color masterbatch, transparent masterbatch, etc., and the effect is particularly significant.

Barium sulphate precipitated for PVC profile

Structure and characteristics: chemically synthesized microcrystalline barium sulfate, the particle size D50 is between 0.35um-0.4um. Stable chemical properties, no physiological toxicity, insoluble in water and any organic solvents, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant and electrical insulation, shielding ultraviolet rays.

Product use: It is specially made for PVC profiles to replace part of the titanium dioxide. It is a reinforcing filler for PVC, which can change the production and processing of PVC to a limited extent and reduce costs.

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