If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry, obtaining a CompTIA A+ certification can be an excellent starting point. It serves as a stepping stone for applicants as it verifies their proficiency as licensed and knowledgeable professionals in the IT industry. In this blog post, we’ll learn some of the important things about CompTIA A+ certification.

Few Important Things to Know About CompTIA A+ Certification

What is CompTIA A+ certification? 

CompTIA A+ is a well-known vendor-neutral certification in the IT sector. It is offered by the non-profit trade association CompTIA. This certification covers topics, such as hardware, networking, mobile devices, Windows operating systems, and troubleshooting.

It is acknowledged globally and created to prepare individuals for entry-level IT positions in fields like technical support, help desk, and PC upkeep.

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Job roles with CompTIA A+ certification

There are many job opportunities you can find after passing the A+ certification. Some of them are:

  • Help desk analyst
  • IT technician
  • Technical support specialist
  • Desktop support administrator:
  • System support specialist:
  • Associate network engineer

 What is the format of the CompTIA A+ certification exam? 

CompTIA A+ certification is computer-based and consists of both performance-based and multiple-choice questions. The minimal passing mark for the test is 675 on a scale of 900. The certification is valid for three years

The CompTIA A+ core series consists of the 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. Some of the question covered in these domains are:

Domains for exams 220-1001: 

  • Networking:  This domain covers tyoes and connection of networkds(such TCP/IP, WiFi, SOHO, etc)
  • Mobile devices:  Install & configure laptops and other mobile devices
  • Virtualization and cloud computing: Compare & contras cloud concepts and implementing client-side virtualization
  • Hardware:  Identifying, utilizing, and connecting hardware components and devices.
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting:  Solving issues with devices and networks


Domains for exams 220-1002

  • Security:  Find and prevent security vulnerabilities for devices and network.
  • Operating systems: Understanding Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS, as well as installing and configuring Windows OS.
  • Software troubleshooting:  Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues,, including security support
  • Operational procedures: Best practices for safety, environmental impacts, communication and professionalism.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification?

There are no specific prerequisites required to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification. Nonetheless, CompTIA suggests that candidates should have at least 9 to 12 months of practical experience with computers and networks before taking the exam.

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Bottom Line

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