It is said that no book is a bad book. Every book you read will carry a lesson that will prove to be useful one way or another. Books are a great source of developing new skills while honing present abilities. One might not see immediate improvement since it is all about consistency and dedication. The more you enjoy reading, the more beneficial it will be. Reading allows you to gain new perspectives and form a new approach to life. The learning and development of thoughts depend on the genre of the book you read. For example, if you like to read how-to books, you will likely learn to create new ideas and push your brain to produce creative and meaningful plans and motives.

On the other hand, reading fictional books will stimulate your imagination and opens the door to fantasies. It subconsciously improves brain creativity. Some might argue that fiction is nothing but superficial stories that don’t have a strong connection to reality. While true to some extent, fiction triggers the brain cells to have uncommon thoughts and ideas—ever heard of the term outside-the-box? That’s what reading fiction is about. It also helps release some tension from the daily hectic and relaxes the mind.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attraction.” – Albert Einstein.

Well, if Einstein says it, then it surely is something. Let’s have a look at some benefits that come with fiction reading.

It Calms Your Nerves

This has to be the number one aspect. Sure, psychological and business reads are also helpful, but that makes you think and, sometimes, worry about yourself and your future. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, all you want is to escape your life into a whole other world. Fiction is your getaway car. It triggers different emotions and senses and provides an overall positive effect.


Although not directly, fiction reading enhances understanding of real-life situations. Fictional books contain characters that undergo many ups and downs, battles, victories, hidden messages, history, and whatnot. These factors allow the reader to put themselves in the character’s shoes and then use their learnings with other people to understand their realities. It develops a sense of empathy.


Circling back to what we discussed earlier, creativity is the most prominent advantage of fiction reading. But how? The multi-nature story of fiction allows readers to think differently, unlike movies, where not many story dimensions are available for readers to base their thoughts on. But in fictional reading, the intentionally created ambiguity leads our brains to guess multiple outcomes.

These are the benefits that fiction books bring to us. These books are best for young adults to get their creative juices going and develop positive thinking habits. To sum up this blog, we leave you with a fantastic fictional book by Alexis Anicque, Famous’ Destiny: The Monster In The Forest, that is intended for young adults to learn the importance of familial connection. The book has no shortage of fun and thrill as the amazing characters captivate you and keep you curious till the end.