Guilt is one of the most familiar effects of child molestation and sexual abuse. Most if not all victims suffer this same type of emotion as a result or part of the overall trauma of the experience. While there are other negative signs and consequences of CSA, guilt is one of the few that’s really difficult to deal with and overcome. sexually assaulted hamilton

Every survivor or victim must realize that it is crucial to understand why they feel guilty even though the abuse was not their fault. Understanding means facing the reality that they have been abused instead of denying it both to themselves and to other people. The feeling of guilt must be addressed for the reason that it can inflict more pain and suffering in the life and future of the victims if they continue to ignore it.

Whenever victims feel guilty about themselves, every possible reason or explanation behind this emotion can be considered as instinctive or a common and natural emotional response. For example, a CSA victim may feel responsible for what happened to her because the abuser always reminded her that both of them agreed to it. Others meanwhile are blamed by the abuser as having the qualities that made them vulnerable to sexual abuse and molestation. While both of these “grooming” techniques are entirely untrue, young victims are made to believe they are. Child sex offenders and abusers are very good at poisoning the minds of their victims to the extent that years after the abuse, they still blame themselves and feel guilty about the experience. sexual abuse helpline

Fighting the feeling of guilt is never an easy task for victims to perform. In fact, a lot of them cannot even dare facing the truth. Probably more than half of CSA cases are not reported because victims are afraid or ashamed to disclose or reveal them. One reason for the hesitance is the feeling of guilt. Victims believe that whenever they try to tell others about it, the latter will likely abandon, curse, look down, and simply ignore them. At this point, victims begin to think that what happened to them is actually their fault and they should be guilty about it.

In reality though, every survivor of CSA should not feel culpable about what happened to them. We should all remember that the molestation took place without their proper consent or against their will. It really doesn’t matter if it was carried out by means of force, coercion, deception, or manipulation – the only thing that matters is that they were abused. Victims must realize that since it happened when they were very young, they’ve got no control of the situation. If they ever wanted to fight, there’s no chance for them to stop it. The only thing that can prevent the abuse is if the offender suddenly shows remorse, but that’s highly unlikely for a sexual psychopath like a pedophile. have I been assaulted

Nonetheless, erasing guilt and eventually healing the wounds of the abuse would not be possible if there is no help and support from the people who care. The road to recovery starts with acceptance. Through it, child sexual abuse victims can start to build strength and eliminate the feeling of shame and guilt within them. As long as there are people who see them as powerful and strong individuals and not as unworthy and pitiful, they will realize that life did not actually end when they were abused; in fact, it is rather an opportunity to start a new and fresh beginning.

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