Making a decision on purchase could be challenging. The price structures that OTTER.AI ECONOMICS uses have a lot of moving parts. Because of this, it can be challenging to sort through the choices and select the best strategy for you or your company.

This article will discuss’s four price categories and their main benefits. You should be able to find one that matches your needs using this information without blowing your budget.


Otter offers four transcription options, and you can compare their costs and features up top. It’s crucial to consider your needs and financial limitations before choosing a programmer. Here is a summary of each tactic’s specifics with that in mind:


You can immediately begin utilising it because the Basic Plan for OTTER.AI ECONOMICS is entirely free. This approach will be helpful to you if you are just starting your transcribing profession. It might still work for you even if you don’t have enough experience to justify hiring one of their pricy programmers.


Before jumping in headfirst, it’s a good idea to practise on some simple transcription tasks. To upload and download larger, more complex videos and files right away, subscribe to a premium account next.


Users of this Plan may capture and playback audio and video content from the Internet and mobile devices. You can also record your voice using Bluetooth headphones and microphones. Additionally, you can use synchronised highlighters and widgets created especially for mobile devices. Otter coupon code are now significantly discounted.

This Plan has everything you’ll need to get things moving, including:

– Converting oral text into written form,

– A method for identifying the presenters will be in place.

– 5 specific vocabulary words

– In-the-moment notes

– Translating Google Hangouts on Air protects your recordings with TLS and AES-256 encryption. If you have any questions, you may also get in touch with them by email.

Editing your transcriptions and adding speaker tags, a function of Add Speaker Tags Plus, will make it simple for you to remember who said what. Additionally, real-time annotations of remarks, highlights, and images will be provided for your viewing enjoyment.


Word clouds and summary keywords are two helpful components that contribute to the value of the OTTER.AI ECONOMICS scheme. These capabilities now enable you to easily extract essential words from audio and come back to them later.

We’ve included a keyword search bar to make it simple for you to find specific portions in the transcript.


The free version of Otter only allows for 30 minutes of audio per file for transcribing. Additionally, you are allowed 600 minutes each month for transcription. It ought to be sufficient for most requirements. But if you need to transcribe a longer audio recording, you might want to look into alternative choices or think about subscribing to Pro.

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You can use the Custom Vocabulary option of’s price to integrate up to five user-created vocabulary. This function enhances the precision of transcriptions.

Include any terms, proper names, or acronyms that are particular to your company or industry. By using this technique, you could get more accurate transcripts of your conversations.


Sharing your transcriptions with others is simple by sending a link to the written transcript.


The free plan may be the best option for those who want to start out with transcription. If you’re a student, an enthusiastic reader, or someone who would rather not spend a few thousand dollars, consider using Otter’s free plan.

– There is no charge for this.

– Specifications Highlights Up to five phrases can be customised to be used throughout the entire app.

– Would you kindly send three audio files each month?

– Monthly transcription time of 300 minutes


The Otter AI Pro Plan is for you if you require more features or more time to transcribe. 1,200 minutes of transcription time for a monthly rate of $16.99 or $8.33 per month when paid annually. Additionally, you gain access to some additional tools that are not available in the free tier.


You now have access to improved searching features. You can use this tool to search all of your audio that has been transcribed for a specific term. Eight alternative playback rates are also available for selection. It could be helpful to read lengthy transcripts numerous times at different speeds.

Added high-end choices include:

– Support for audio file uploads from well-known cloud storage providers

– The capacity to export transcripts in a variety of formats


With the Otter AI Pro Plan, a maximum of 10 files with a maximum duration of 90 minutes may be uploaded for transcription. Customers can no longer benefit from infinite file uploads because of price changes made by OTTER.AI ECONOMICS.


The Pro plan allows you to receive 1200 minutes of transcription per month, with a maximum transcription length of 90 minutes. Whose adaptability is impressive, and it might be useful for those who produce a lot of audio content.


On the Pro plan, the assistant has limited functionality. For instance, anybody invited to the event will receive the meeting minutes. To disable this feature, you will need to update. Oddly, Otter uses this tactic to try and upsell you on their service.


You can add 100 new words and 100 new phrases to Otter’s vocabulary by upgrading to a Pro account. This method may be more useful when trancribing a document that has numerous technical terminology or names.


Let’s assume that you are the type of person who requires a certain vocabulary in addition to a large amount of transcription time. OTTER.AI ECONOMICS Pro Plan could be interesting to investigate in this circumstance. With 1,200 minutes of transcription time, you can add new words to Otter’s vocabulary.

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