Is it not easy and scary at the same time? That living off alone from family and finding a new life. Like Monica Geller said, welcome to the real world. It sucks! But the best part about finding a new life in a new city and making yourself feel at home is all the best parts about adulting. It is essential for you to do the first things and the first time right. You do not get a second chance to do it again. So, ensure to make it right. It may happen again, but the first times remain special. So, ensure to make it right. Your first day in college, at work, or even your first apartment will always remain special to your heart. When you choose trusted housing like Orem student housing, you do not need to worry about comfort and security. Let us see what to do when you decide to live all alone. You require a checklist to check whether you got it all. Use us and ensure you got it covered.

First Apartment is always special.

Your first rented space may be small or look nothing like your home, but it is unique. Your first home, over the years, the connection between this place and your heart will remain the same. To understand this, no matter how cramped it is or how it looks, it will always be your first apartment.

Apartment Checklist

You always miss out on things in a rush, do not worry. You are not the only one. Everyone needs a little help, and this checklist will help you.

You will need a comfy bed for your first night since moving day is stressful. So first, check whether you got that covered. Buy the best beds and mattresses.   Start planning room-wise, like firstly, if you choose the bedroom, then bedframe, Sheets, and In-bed pillows. Now your bed is set. Then go for the things like Pillowcases, Bedspread, comforters, and blankets. These should be stocked in extra. And then comes the furniture for bedrooms like your dresser, desk, nightstand, and TV Stand. And then, go further and choose bedroom necessities like a heater with a fan, storage boxes and containers, garbage can hangers, and a shoe stand. Then, choose a mirror to check out yourself. And do not forget on buying window covers and a desk lamp.

These will be your bedroom essentials likewise; you can find whatever you need simply and make it right. Your first apartment ensures to keep it done. If you choose student housing in Orem, then sure, it will be already fully furnished and waiting for your arrival. So, choose the right kind of housing.


It is essential to make your firsts right. So, your first apartment requires more care and attention from your side.