Not everyone can put the same amount of effort into gardening. There are days when we feel lazy, and just want someone to do our gardening for us. 

Flowering plants need a lot of care and attention, like the rose plant but, the good news is that not all of them! Here is a list of low-maintenance flowering plants that do not demand much attention, just basic care. So, the next time you are shopping for flowering plants online, keep these easy blooms in mind. 

  1. Mogra

The beautiful, fragrant Mogra flowers are a treat for the senses. These white blooms enchant with their presence and the lush deep-green leaves create a mesmerising backdrop. The Mogra plants have ivory, star-shaped flowers that emit an intoxicating fragrance. The flowers are also used as offerings made to Lord Shiva and are frequently used in many festivities. The Mogra is a lazy gardener’s delight as it does not demand much. Just bright sunlight and watering when the soil looks dry and the Mogra plant will thrive. 

   2. Lantana

The blooms of the Lantana blooms will certainly be a vivacious beauty in your garden flaunting an array of two-coloured blooms in clusters. The plant has flowers in varied colour palettes such as red-orange, magenta-yellow, and more that lure many pollinating insects such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. This versatile flowering plant thrives under the full sun and needs water when the topsoil is dry to one inch. It is a delight for a passive gardener. 

  3. Portulaca

The delicate Portulaca plant is a sun-kissed jewel and a fine example of nature’s artistry. The flowering plant is succulent and has fleshy leaves with pink blooms rising from slumber in the morning and dropping towards the evening. The plant is low-maintenance and is quite forgiving to neglect. The plant also shows drought-tolerant behaviour and is very resilient. This is a must-have flowering plant in a lazy gardener’s garden. 

  4. Hamelia/ FIirebrush

The Hamelia plant is a fiery charmer in the world of flowering plants. The plant blooms with red and orange tubular flowers, and a bright green backdrop of light-veined leaves. The blossoms resemble miniature trumpets and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. The plant is an easy-to-grow bloom too and won’t demand much from you. If you have a good number of these plants in your garden, the Hamelia resembles a tiny spot of wilderness.

  5. Ixora

The Ixora plant is a botanical gem, gracing your garden with its ethereal beauty and charm. The emerald leaves of the Ixora plant grace its blooming flowers which come in clusters and look like little bouquets. There are many colours of the Ixora blooms in shades of sunset orange, fiery red, and pretty pink, calling out to all pollinating bees and butterflies. The Ixora plants look distinctly captivating in a garden and are super low-maintenance plants as well. Place them in bright sunlight, give them water, and watch your garden come alive.

Remember, that the way to become a successful lazy gardener is not working smarter and not harder.

Happy Gardening Folks!