“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F. Kennedy

We live in a fast-paced world where a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. We spend most of our time in front of screens, binge-watching our favorite shows and movies while sitting on our couches and sofa beds. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote work culture has also affected our fitness as we spend long hours working on our computers. In this modern era, we need to understand the benefits of physical fitness and why it is necessary for a healthy mind and body, especially for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Researchers believe that staying active is even more critical for individuals with disabilities. Various studies show that activities and adaptive sports modified for disabled individuals improve their mental and physical well-being and result in increased purpose, independence, and social interaction.

Beyond aesthetic benefits, physical fitness and training can enhance a person’s overall health. Physical activity not only reduces stress and boosts our moods but also prevents chances of chronic diseases and improves cognitive function. When a person is physically fit, they tend to perform and complete their everyday tasks with ease without fatigue and injury, whether it is carrying groceries or walking up and down the stairs. While certain diseases can’t be prevented, a person can decrease the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases by making healthy choices and joining adaptive fitness centers. One such fitness center that is aiding people with disabilities in maintaining their mental and physical health is Special Strong, which was established by Daniel Stein and his wife, Trinity Stein, in 2016.

Special Strong

Special Strong fitness center has become a prominent name in the fitness and healthcare industry because of its creative scientific approach to adaptive fitness for disabled people, including those who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Daniel Stein, who was diagnosed with a learning disability, mood disorder, and autoimmune disease at the age of 21, understands the importance of sports, exercise, and physical training. Therefore, after acquiring prestigious certifications from the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Daniel laid the foundation of Special Strong with the purpose to positively impact and transform lives of individuals across the globe.

Daniel Stein

Special Strong provides personal training sessions as well as group classes which allow people to foster new friendships, interact with others, improve socialization skills, and enhance overall health and fitness. It also offers virtual personal training sessions and custom workouts, which can be accessed through mobile phones. Special Strong is the only fitness center in the country that offers aquatic programs to help people with physical, cognitive, and mental challenges. To better serve its clients, it has hired certified aquatic instructors who have the red cross safety and Special Strong adaptive aquatics certifications.

In addition, it offers expert one-on-one functional training designed to improve range of motion, strength, balance, and stability. By providing customized physical fitness training to adults, adolescents, and young children with special needs, Special Strong has reduced the risk of premature mortality and increased the life expectancy rate. Its adaptive fitness training aids in increasing bone density, muscle strength, stability, and flexibility and reduces risks of accidental injuries. Special Strong has also developed the adaptive veteran program, which supports veterans in dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other issues most veterans face post-duty.


Special Strong also boasts an exceptional program for senior citizens, which focuses on making workouts safe and enjoyable for people aged above 50. Special Strong recently introduced a program dedicated to emotional fitness and mental health, designed for individuals facing dyspraxia, ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing disorders, learning disability, and depression.

Health Fitness

A person’s body can suffer as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of exercise. Physical inactivity is linked to an increased risk of various cancers, chronic diseases, and mental health problems. Therefore, adaptive fitness is vital to us all, particularly for the kids and youngsters with disabilities who are the foundation of our society and the next leaders of a nation. Joining Special Strong will not only help them in achieving their fitness and health goals but will also enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

Special Strong offers professional and tailored training for people with disabilities that assists them in maintaining their well-being and attaining excellence and future success. It is a well-maintained adaptive fitness center that offers a secure setting for exercise and training. At Special Strong, individuals can use specialized exercise equipment and participate in activities that meet their preferences and fitness objectives. By empowering and encouraging individuals to lead a more independent and healthy life, Special Strong has not only cemented its place in the industry but has also transformed the lives of many.