Being unproductive is one of the biggest losses in anyone’s life. When students are unproductive, they get cheap essay writing services online when employees are unproductive, they take leaves. But allowing this stage to stay can be very dangerous in life.

So here are the top 4 ways on how to find out that you are being unproductive:

You do not have the energy

Lack of motivation and energy to do anything is one of the biggest reasons why you are unproductive. In such cases, students end up getting essay homework help services and assignment writers for any task they get.

If you constantly feel drained and exhausted, you might be unwell.

Try changing your routine habits, such as getting up early, sleeping and eating well, and doing physical excise, and you might be able to make this feeling disappear.

You need constant assistance

We all need assistance in life. But requiring it for every single task is a thing to worry about. If you need essay assistance online, guidance on other subjects and even daily activities, then you are highly unproductive.

 Productive people always look for ways to do everything by themselves.

Missing deadlines

Missing deadlines is one of the other signs. If you constantly need help yet miss submission dates, you might be unproductive. When a task is allotted, they give sufficient time based on the task for one to complete.

But still, if you need online essay editing service and helpers all the time to meet your submission dates, you are not using your time wisely.


If your physical and mental state is disorganized, then it is highly likely that you are unproductive. This is one of the biggest signs of unproductiveness. Disorganized people have shabby lifestyles, and mentally they lack any planning skills.

If later, you have been feeling like this, then it is time to bring some change to your habits.

These are all major signs of unproductiveness. If you have been feeling them, too, then it is time to bring some change and say bye to being unproductive.

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