The digital era has changed every aspect of human life, from education to online shopping. With the technological revolution, banking – a fundamental pillar of modern existence – has also undergone a significant transformation.

Online banking is becoming increasingly popular and convenient in today’s digital age. Its advantages include easy money management, 24/7 accessibility, and paperless operations. Furthermore, opening a bank account online is instant and free. 

Eligibility Criteria to Open a Bank Account

Individuals must adhere to specific criteria set by different banks to open a bank account.  

A few of the basic requirements are:

  • The person wishing to open a bank account must be an Indian national. 
  • The minimum age criteria for opening a bank account must be at least 18 years old.
  • If a minor needs to set up an account, their parents or legal guardians can do it on their behalf.
  • The applicant must provide government-approved evidence of identification and address.
  • Following bank confirmation, the individual must make an initial deposit, determined by the savings account’s minimum balance requirement. 

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account 

To open an instant bank account online, the applicant should submit some documents as required by the chosen bank. 

A few of the basic documents required are: 

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Documents verifying your residence and identity, like PAN and Aadhar card. Just one copy is necessary if the document is used as both address and identification evidence.
  • If the mailing and permanent addresses differ, one must provide address-proof documents for each. 

Steps to Open an Online Bank Account in India

The process of opening a bank account is hassle-free these days. One can open a bank account online or offline by visiting a branch. 

The steps for instant bank account opening online are as follows: 

Step 1: Choose a bank 

The first and foremost step is to choose a bank. Research different banks and financial institutions, offline as well as online. One can visit the bank to learn about their services or read online reviews of the bank and compare their services online. Choose a bank based on its services, which may differ from those provided by other financial institutions.

Step 2: Visit the bank’s website

Once the bank or financial institution has been decided, visit their website and open a bank account online anytime and from any location.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate banking product

Banks and financial institutions provide a range of accounts and services to meet one’s needs. A business owner will open a current account in the company name rather than a savings account to suit their fundamental banking needs.

Step 4: Provide the required documents

The next step involves completing an online opening form. Complete the form and give various personal details. The bank requires photo identification, such as a passport, PAN card, or Aadhar card, and proof of address, such as a ration card, passport, Aadhar card or voter ID card. 

Step 5: Bank account is ready to operate

Once the application has been processed and the applicant has signed the terms and conditions, they can deposit the minimum amount to their bank account. With this, the bank account is ready to use, and one can start withdrawing and depositing money into the account. 

RBL Bank, a renowned bank in India, provides various types of account facilities to its customers. The bank offers and caters to a range of savings accounts designed for different segments of the Indian population, including women, senior citizen savings account, employed individuals, and more, to assist them in meeting their financial and banking requirements.


Thanks to evolving technology, the bank account opening process has never been easier. Individuals may easily manage their funds using internet banking from anywhere, anytime. One can easily open a bank account per their requirements and preferences by following the steps in this article. 

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Whether you want the ease of internet banking or the security of conventional banking, there are banks like RBL Bank in India. 

So, enjoy the benefits of digital banking. Open your free bank account today!