Since its inception, the legendary Gundam franchise has introduced generations of viewers to a vast cast of distinctive heroes and villains battling across expansive sci-fi universes. With such a rich tapestry to draw upon, selecting the all-time most fantastic Gundam characters requires careful consideration of their attributes and contributions.

By examining factors like development, influence, abilities, and leadership, specific iconic figures inevitably rise to the top as the best. Here are the definitive top 10 best Gundam characters.

Gundam characters

1. Banagher Links – Gundam Unicorn

As the persistent protagonist of Gundam Unicorn, Banagher Links demonstrates enormous growth from a civilian student to a formidable Newtype pilot. His compassionate nature allows him to connect with others deeply and promote possibility through understanding.

Though sometimes self-doubting, Banagher’s fundamental decency empowers him to pursue peace, like the heroes in PG Unleashed.

2. Domon Kasshu – G Gundam

Brash, hotheaded and utterly dedicated to his mission, Domon Kasshu of Mobile Fighter G Gundam never backs down from a fight. His burning loyalty and combat prowess drive him to succeed in the Gundam Fight tournament to avenge his family. Though impulsive, Domon’s integrity ultimately wins the trust of his Shuffle Alliance teammates.

3. Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing

The stoic boy soldier Heero Yuy will stop at nothing to complete his missions as the Wing Gundam’s pilot. Though initially cold and ruthless, Heero shows glimmers of humanity through his devotion to Relena Darlian. His perfect poise under pressure and exceptional fighting capabilities cement his place among the greats.

Gundam Wing

4. Mikazuki Augus – Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mikazuki Augus, the child soldier protagonist from Iron-Blooded Orphans, demonstrates fierce fighting instincts and loyalty from years of battlefield experience. Though calm and introverted, Mikazuki will unleash absolute force when defending something he values, especially his friend Orga Itsuka. His sensitivity belies his lethal prowess as a pilot.

5. Loran Cehack – Turn A Gundam

The pacifist protagonist of Turn A Gundam, Loran Cehack, is an earnest, compassionate soul reluctant to fight despite his supreme Newtype abilities. As an outsider from the moon, his unique perspective facilitates understanding between Earth and space. Though he eschews violence, he takes action to protect his loved ones.

Loran Cehack - Turn A Gundam

6. Judau Ashta – Gundam ZZ

Leading the ragtag group of Gundam ZZ, reckless junk dealer Judau Ashta matures tremendously over the series from a teenage street punk to a responsible leader. Though bold, he demonstrates a moral code and takes up arms to protect the vulnerable. His eventual peacemaking cements his growth.

7. Kira Yamato – Gundam SEED

Kind-hearted Kira Yamato’s distaste for unnecessary violence initially clashes with his obligations in Gundam SEED. But his ethics align with his gifts as a pilot, and he soon embraces defending innocents. His compassionate nature helps him ultimately transcend war’s cycle.

8. Setsuna F. Seiei – Gundam 00

Obsessed at first with eradicating war as a Gundam Meister mercenary from his childhood soldier experiences, Setsuna F. Seiei undergoes profound change over Gundam OO’s seasons. He retains his zeal but gains greater wisdom and equipoise, distinguishing him as a complex, gallant hero.

9. Amuro Ray – Original Gundam

The original Gundam protagonist, Amuro Ray, endures immense physical and emotional challenges, transitioning from an ordinary civilian teenager to a legendary ace Newtype pilot over the course of the One Year War.
Thrust unexpectedly into the RX-78 Gundam’s cockpit, Amuro repeatedly responds to the adversity of war and loss with tenacity and resilience, mastering his mobile suit skills through experience. The continued character growth into a seasoned, principled leader who cares deeply about his crew cements his icon status in Gundam lore.
Amuro’s coming-of-age evolution from self-doubting youth to confident soldier to mature veteran pilot anchors the original series and establishes him as the franchise’s most influential protagonist.

His complicated but mutually respectful rivalry and connection to the enigmatic Char Aznable also add great depth to Amuro’s journey.

Though tested constantly by challenges on and off the battlefield, Amuro’s fundamental goodness, technical genius, and determination in defending White Base ultimately transform him into a larger-than-life hero respected across Earth and space, cementing his rightful place as the definitive original Gundam protagonist at the peak of Mount Gundam’s most legendary characters.

Amuro Ray - Original Gundam

10. Char Aznable – Original Gundam

No Gundam rival has matched the enduring appeal and influence of Char Aznable, Amuro’s longtime nemesis. Char’s masked mystique, peerless piloting abilities, and complicated motivations in battling the Zabi family make him fascinating. His larger-than-life presence defines Gundam’s excellence.


Choosing the most fantastic Gundam characters represents a demanding yet enjoyable task for fans, with compelling personalities spanning decades of stories. But these heroic individuals stand out through their bravery, growth, skills, and conviction.

Their beliefs drive them to action in ways that inspire audiences and demonstrate the heights humanity can achieve. The characters’ lingering impact of the characters pays tribute to Gundam’s storytelling legacy.