Shin Megami Tensei V’s eleventh November delivery date keeps on moving ever nearer and, while we as a whole sit tight for the following portion in the series, Atlus has dropped one more in a long queue of secret trailers, this time flaunting a few insights concerning Messenger Gabriel, one of the game’s 200+ evil presence characters.

Gabriel nintendo switch

The trailer, which you can look at above, is in Japanese yet it really does in any case allow you an opportunity to look at a smidgen of the forthcoming dystopian RPG’s fight activity.

Shin Megami Tensei V follows on from its 3DS ancestor, which delivered back in 2013, and Atlus’ true public statement has a couple of additional subtleties on the intricate details of the story this time around:

“At the point when a horrible homicide scene in current Tokyo obstructs our hero’s head back home, an impromptu diversion leaves him covered and oblivious.

He stirs in another Tokyo, a no man’s land desolated by end of the world presently called Da’at… however before homicidal devils can guarantee his life, a deliverer arises, and they join to turn into a powerful being neither human nor evil presence: a Nahobino.

With recently discovered power, the hero adventures through Da’at, a perplexing domain loaded up with legendary gods and satanic dictators in steady struggle for endurance. Looking for replies, the hero should manufacture his own way in a fight among light and dim to direct the destiny of the world. ”

The past passage in the series, Shin Megami IV, scored large in surveys upon its delivery quite a while back, with our own personal audit giving out some high recognition without a doubt, so we’re pretty psyched to will holds with this follow-up when it hits a little not long from now.