You are a programmer, and you love your job. But when you talk about it, you focus more on the cons part and tell people how annoying that eye strain or back pain programmers must suffer.

As a matter of fact, they don’t have to go through such a painful experience. Maybe they’re just missing out on making the workstation a little less flexible and comfortable. If you pay attention to details and make your setup accordingly, then you will focus on the pros and will consider the ‘pangs of programming for lengthy periods’ a myth.

But you may have found a programmer showcased sitting at the park with coffee and a laptop smiling and coding on his or her lap. It can feel good for you temporarily. But you won’t like to sit in the park and write hundreds of lines containing codes. To make the experience comfortable, you have to take care of a good setup.

What Gadgets and Tools You Need to Set Your Work-from-Home Programming Station

Keep in mind that we are speaking about a compact setup. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. All you need to do is to buy these things as affordably as you can.

And this list is a generalised one targeted to every programmer. But you may not have to use all the items. Again, you may take inspiration from this post as these accessories are also great for people who are working from home. With that being said, we can now look at the following list:

1.  A Laptop or a Desktop Computer

This is a gadget you might already have. But chances are you do not have a laptop or a desktop computer yet. If you don’t, then you can buy a mid-range device with good enough features.  No, you do not need a high-end laptop for programming.

For the OS, you can go for either Windows 11 or Mac OS.  Yes, Chromebooks can also code using extensions or dedicated apps. But the previous two Operating Systems can give you more flexibility. You may also try Linux.

2.  Get Yourself a Work Phone

A phone for work is essential for keeping track of your projects and downloading necessary information. A separate Smartphone can get your work done faster too. It is because you can now code in your preferred language on your Smartphone.

Again we would like to repeat the same thing. Buy a phone that comes in the mid-range. You can choose any operating system between iOS and Android at your convenience. Both these platforms have plenty of apps to help you code.

3.  A Pair of Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are special spectacles designed to reduce strain on your eyes. You may get redness of the eyes, dry eyes or other issues from staring at the computer for too long. It is because the blue light projected from an electronic device (particularly their screens) such as monitors, TVs, laptops or phones.

Sometimes, you may also choose to purchase protective lenses such as blue light filtering lenses for your already existing pair of spectacles.

4.  An Ergonomic Chair

These chairs are great for supporting your lumber area and the back for long periods of work. But you need to check the chair before buying it. You must have a decent space for allowing your buttocks to move around. Your legs must reach the floor comfortably and should not dangle even a bit. Also, check for armrests with adjustable features. A headrest will also add extra support for the neck.

5.  A Standing Desk

Why a standing desk? Well, we have more than one reason for this. The adjustable height of the desk allows room for more perks. One may also use a standing desk as a normal desk because of the adjustable height. Then you may also pair up those anti-fatigue mats or flow boards with a standing desk.

6.  Monitor Arms or Laptop Trays

What an adjustable monitor arm or a foldable laptop tray can do is bring the screen in the height of your eyes and make your neck comfortable by customising the viewing angles.

These gadgets also help to rest your back and use the desktop or laptop for entertainment, such as watching a movie or a music video while taking a break.

7.  External Hardware: A Keyboard and a Mouse

A keyboard and a mouse are what any programmer will need. Surely, it is wrong to call programmers ‘keyboard bashers’. They are not so. The sound produced from heavy typing can happen from a faulty keyboard.

Choose a wireless keyboard and mouse to make the place less cluttered. You may also go for a Bluetooth one to pair it up with your phone or laptop at the same time so that you can access all these devices with one keyboard and mouse.

8.  Extra Tools that You Might Need

Things do not seem to end. But, to make the workstation more optimised for health and a diversified style, you may need to include a few more items. And they are:

  • A Flow Board: A flow board is like a skateboard designed for movement. It will constantly help your lower body movements so that you don’t get fatigued quickly, and your blood circulation happens naturally in those body parts.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: These mats almost work like flow boards offering micro-movements to the feet and lower parts of the body. They may not come with wheels, but they are incredibly comfortable standing on for a long time.
  • Cable organisers: Some things, such as cables, can cause serious hazards. Apart from the probability of fire accidents, cluttered cables may also present tripping hazards. These organisers can be found as clips; or grommets.

We have learnt about quite a few items, and not all of them come free. You have to save money to buy these things as there are quite a few of them. Comparing prices may help you to get the cheapest deal. You can wait for festive offers.

But, if you are in a hurry (maybe a limited period offer) and don’t have enough bank balance now, consider short-term loans with no guarantor from a direct lender organisation. You can repay the loan in instalments using your salary. It’s comfortable that way.

Are we done yet? Well, almost! But we still have things to let you know. The last point is stress-relieving. Go ahead and learn about it.

To Conclude: Use a Stress-Relieving Toy or Two and a Desk Plant

Although waterfalls are available as a stress-relieving showpiece for the desk, it is better if you get a stress ball. You can squeeze or hit these rubber balls against the wall to have fun while coding for an extended period.

A desk plat may also offer you a natural vibe while working. When you are tired, take a pause and look at the plant or touch its leaves. You will find it relaxing. A bonus tip here is to use a real plant and not those artificial ones. Take care of the plant and your desk. You will find yourself taking care of your work naturally.