For the last 6 years, I have been involved in transforming biomass waste into sustainable organic fertilizer to meet the needs of several industries. However, the management of solid waste and demand-supply chain presents a huge challenge as the prices of fertilizer and coal are increasing at a rapid rate, especially due to the global pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war.

Although I carry a diverse experience in industrial applications, I tend to struggle with producing organic matter and import/export of fertilizer and coal from all over the world. I believe there is always room for improvement and that’s the reason I was drawn to Gary Golon, a reliable consultant and seller of coal and fertilizer like urea.

Know More About Gary Golon

Gary Golon is a doctor accredited with a Ph.D. in business who carries 30 plus years of experience in various industry segments, such as mining, petroleum and gas, real estate, banking, heavy equipment, and many others. He has been providing quality consultation to entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals across various countries to help them maintain consistent buying and selling of coal and fertilizer.

As the concern for fertilizer affordability and availability have been accelerated by the war in Ukraine, he took an initiative to guide business owners on commodity market developments, supply disruptions, input costs, and nitrogen-based fertilizers such as urea, and helping them to lead to widespread production level.


Coal and fertilizer prices have increased in response to the war in Ukraine, causing an impact on economic sanctions and food shortages. Thanks to Gary Golon, who is actively working as a consultant and seller of coal and fertilizer like urea to help industries meet their short and long-term goals.

Gary Golon complaint/review serves as a valid indicator to anyone looking for genuine consultation and to fine-tune their business growth with minimal effort and time.