There are many degrees and courses you can choose to pursue in the UK, one of which is an MBA degree. MBA is a business degree that helps you get an understanding of the planning, running, and operations of an organisation. There are different areas of work in an organisation about which you can gain knowledge in MBA.

In the initial learning phase, you will gain an understanding about the workings of the organization as a whole. At a later stage, you can select a specific field such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, etc., and get in-depth knowledge of that field.

Since it is the most widely sought-after degree in the world, you can find an array of UK universities offering you courses in MBA. There are many other great reasons you should study in UK to pursue this degree, which we will be mentioning in this article along with the eligibility criteria and career opportunities for MBA in UK.

Why study MBA in UK?

UK universities are the most renowned across the globe because their quality education and education system.

  • You will get a globally recognised degree.
  • There are many other programs available for business-related fields as well which you can pursue such as diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.
  • MBA courses in the UK stands among the top courses and is available in some of UK’s best universities.
  • You will be provided with tasks related to case studies and getting practical exposure as they help you get a better understanding of the field. Getting these besides theoretical courses is really beneficial for your career development.
  • MBA degrees from the UK are recognised world-wide and are much sought-after by the employers thus increasing your career options and earning potential.

Eligibility for Pursuing MBA in UK

It is important that you meet the eligibility criteria to pursue an MBA in UK. These eligibility criteria are applicable for all institutes.

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree of three years obtained from a recognized degree which is equivalent to that of a UK degree.
  • A minimum one year of work experience is essential to get into some of the universities.
  • Meet the criteria for English proficiency language by scoring good bands in TOEFL/IELTS standardised test. Remember, the higher you score in your standardised test, the better will be your chances of getting into the top universities.
  • There are some universities that accept GMAT scores as well.

There are many overseas education consultants you can approach to get the eligibility criteria of specific universities.

Career Opportunities

There is a plethora of opportunities available for MBA graduates worldwide. Depending on your area of study you can select a field for work. These are the most valuable and common fields students usually opt for:

  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Banking
  • Advertising
  • Consultancy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and many more.

MBA is one of the most rewarding degrees and there are umpteen career opportunities in the related fields. If you pursue this degree from the UK, then you will get a global degree form a world-class university. So, explore your options and enrol at a UK university to pursue MBA.