Pursuing B Tech Nanotechnology is the need of the hour because it holds immense potential for driving innovation and addressing complex challenges in various industries. With nanotechnology, scientists and engineers can manipulate materials at the atomic and molecular level, leading to the development of advanced materials, devices, and systems with unique properties and functionalities. 

This emerging field has applications in medicine, electronics, energy, environmental sustainability, and more. By pursuing B Tech Nanotechnology, By fulfilling B Tech Nanotechnology eligibility, students can enrol themselves in the programme and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to groundbreaking research, develop cutting-edge technologies, and make significant advancements in sectors that are vital for addressing global issues and shaping the future. 

The demand for professionals in nanotechnology continues to grow, making it an exciting and rewarding field for those seeking to make a positive impact through scientific exploration and innovation.

B Tech Nanotechnology Eligibility

As per B Tech Nanotechnology eligibility, candidates must fulfil any one of the following criteria to pursue the B Tech Nanotechnology program:

  • Qualify in JEE (MAIN) 2023 examination and be eligible to give the JEE Advanced 2023. Alternatively, achieve a top All India Rank in JEE (MAIN) 2022 examination (exact cut-off rank to be announced).
  • Obtain a minimum of 80% or equivalent grade cumulatively in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects in the 10+2 examination from any Statutory Board.
  • Submit a valid SAT Subject Test Score, SAT Test Score, or ACT Score.

Please note that students admitted through the JEE/SAT/ACT mode must also have obtained a minimum of 60% or equivalent grade in the 10+2 examination from any Statutory Board.

By meeting any one of these eligibility criteria, candidates can pursue the B Tech Nanotechnology program and delve into the exciting realm of nanotechnology.

B Tech Nanotechnology Fees

The B Tech Nanotechnology fees is approximately INR 4,50,000 per annum. This cost includes tuition fees, laboratory charges, library fees, and other academic expenses.

 It is important for students considering the B Tech Nanotechnology program to be aware of the financial commitment involved and plan accordingly. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid options may also be available to eligible students to help offset the cost of the program.

Career Options After B Tech Nanotechnology

With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for nanoscale applications, pursuing a career after completing B Tech Nanotechnology offers a multitude of exciting opportunities. The following are some key career paths available to graduates:

  • Nanotechnology Researcher: Conducting research to develop new materials, devices, and technologies at the nanoscale.

  • Nanomaterial Scientist: Designing and synthesising nanomaterials with specific properties for various applications.

  • Nanofabrication Engineer: Working with state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate and characterise nanoscale devices and structures.

  • Nanomedicine Specialist: Applying nanotechnology in medicine for drug delivery, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

  • Nanoelectronics Engineer: Designing and developing nanoscale electronic devices and circuits for next-generation electronics.

  • Environmental Nanotechnologist: Applying nanotechnology for environmental remediation and pollution control.
  • Quality Control Analyst: Ensuring the quality and safety of nanomaterials and products through testing and analysis.

These career opportunities showcase nanotechnology’s vast potential and diverse applications across sectors such as healthcare, electronics, energy, environment, and more. B Tech Nanotechnology graduates are well-equipped to contribute to cutting-edge research, development, and innovation in this rapidly evolving field.


B Tech Nanotechnology offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities for graduates who meet the B. Tech Nanotechnology eligibility criteria. The programme’s eligibility criteria serve as a gateway to a promising and impactful career in this cutting-edge field, allowing individuals to contribute to scientific advancements and make a difference in shaping the future of technology.