Do you want to create vibrancy in your interior space? Dramatic flooring options can be the perfect answer. Whenever this topic emerges, you will come across ceramic tiling. These products have a timeless appeal and are known for their elegant designs.

Taking a careful stand

Choosing any flooring option is not easy. The presence of too many options in the market may make the decision-making process quite challenging. Add a stylish touch to the interiors with Moroccan Tiles In Delhi NCR. The alluring patterns in these slabs incorporate a bold look to any property.

Tracing the history

If you trace the origin, they go way back to the tenth century. In the initial phase, they were inspired by detailed mosaic artwork that played a crucial role during Byzantine and Roman rule. With time the colour palette has expanded beyond blue and white and has crept into households worldwide, including in India. The reason for its popularity is quite simple. Incorporate a pop of colour into any space with Moroccan Tiles In Delhi NCR.

Addition of visual depth

In matters relating to kitchen interiors, it is not just about the cabinets where you can do the styling. With appropriate solutions, you can introduce happier vibes in any setup. Not only will they seamlessly work for kitchens with neutral tones, but they can also go well with bold-coloured cabinets.

Make a stylish statement

With this option, you can make an elegant statement for the kitchen floor. To incorporate glamour, you may opt for pristine blue-and-white slabs. These flooring slabs, instead of being overwhelming, can incorporate playfulness into the interior space.

Ways they are made

Traditional methods are used for making authentic slabs. Handmade techniques are passed from generation to generation. Natural clays soaked in water help in softening of material which is then worked upon by hand. They are shaped in classic styles. Hands are used for flattening them to ensure that air bubbles are absent on the body. The process of firing and glazing the slabs is lengthy. They are available in a wide assortment of colours. They are appropriate for all kinds of structures, irrespective of the project size.

Tips for cleaning

It is easy to maintain these slabs. If you want them to retain their lustrous looks, regular cleaning is essential. A mixture of warm water and vinegar is appropriate for day-to-day cleaning. Use a soft cloth piece for gentle scrubbing. If you want, you can use a vacuum cleaner. For challenging stain marks, you may want to use a mixture of bicarbonate soda and water. Never use abrasive substances for cleaning surfaces. Stop using bleaches because they will corrode the slabs and cause discoloration. Visit: Moroccan Tiles In Delhi NCR.

Act sensibly

Immerse yourself in comprehensive research to get the names of companies involved in tile production. Do not act impulsively. The company should be a widely acclaimed name. Set aside time to go through the reviews of past clients. The feedback will aid you in the decision-making process.