January 6, 2023 – Grapevine, TX – Even as companies have returned to the office, others have continued to work remotely. To keep up with shifts in workplace culture, many companies have adopted the use of cloud workstations. Cloud workstations allow users to access their dashboard and files from any device with an internet connection. vDesk.works is a leading provider of cloud workspaces. These cloud workstations can be accessed on Apple devices, Windows devices, and Chromebooks.


Cloud workstations from vDesk.works are highly secure. vDesk.works include security measures such as military-grade encryption, firewalls, daily backups, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on measures. If a user loses their device, the administrator can remove it from the system. vDesk.works is also compatible with compliance regulations from HIPAA and PCI


Cloud workstations from vDesk.works can be scaled up or down according to the company’s needs. Scalability is helpful when a company hires new employees on a seasonal basis. The education industry can also use scalability to adjust to varying class sizes. 


vDesk.works has been a leading provider of cloud workstations and virtual desktops since 2014. Companies of all sizes and industries have used vDesk.works. To learn more about vDesk.works, visit their website today.