People of present age are just crazy to visit Bali and hence Bali is the hottest travel destination among many people nowadays. You can have great variety of food in Bali. There are so many authentic Indian restaurant in Bali that offers authentic yet tasty food to you.

For Indians, no food is more comfortable than Indian food. Thus, whenever people who travels from India to Bali craves for their Indian food first. Nobody likes to compromise when it comes to food. Similarly, Indian also don’t want to experiment much when it comes to food and hence, they like to have proper Indian meal whenever they go.

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Food is different in different parts of India. North Indian cuisine is quite different from South Indian cuisine. North Indian cuisine is mainly prepared from warm curries and flatbreads. But South Indian cuisine is very different. The mixture of sour and spice is different in North and South Indian cuisine. To add flavours to the curries, tamarind and chilies are added in significant account.

Compared to North Indian meals that are rich in bread, South Indian meals are rice- based because in South India rice is produced in abundance. Hence dishes like Idlis, uttapam, dosas are prepared in abundant amount in South India.

Why Indian food is considered unique all over the world?

  1. Indian food demands hours for preparation and every dish starts from scratch and the hard work of hours involves in preparation make Indian cuisine different. Also, in the preparation of Indian food, preserved or canned food is never used. The preparation of Indian food includes bubbling, browning, sauteing and barbecuing. Indians use all these techniques to cook Indian food.
  1. You can simply make Indian food with the help of basic ingredients. In Indian food, curry powder never plays any role when it comes to food preparation. In the pot in which dish is prepared, whole ingredients are blended to make a curry. Also, the various flavours are usually blend.

This blend consists of mixture of stew powder, spices, coriander, cumin and different spices. Depending upon the dish being prepared, the amount of flavours is added.

  1. Indian food is known to be prepared in 6 flavours. These flavours are sweet, bitter, acidic, salty and zesty. This makes Indian cuisine to stand out of the crowd. Also, the fact about Indian food is that sugar is added in most of the Indian meals. Addition of sugar adds an exceptional flavour to meal.
  1. This will sound little awkward to you but chutneys are the soul of every Indian meal. For many Indians, food is considered incomplete if chutney is missing. Chutney add extra taste to the food. In history, britishers also adored Indian chutneys. Thus, one of the chutneys was named as Major Gray’s Chutney.

If you are a food lover, chutney is considered extreme bliss and motivation. You can enjoy chutney with almost every meal.

  1. Different vegetables, fruits, drinks and other food preparations have pre-meal and a post- meal effect. Appetizer is one of them. Appetizer tend to enhance hunger and prepare the body for the main course.

Appetizers are also known to have benefits for the digestive system, especially for those who lose their appetite. In India, appetizers are prepared usually from spices and herbs. These spices and herbs increase hunger and help in releasing gastric juices in stomach.

The various well-known appetizers include fries, spinach dips and garlic bread. At Punjabi Grill, you can can get popular Indian appetizers and select from the wide array of the appetizer menu.

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Wrap Up:

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