The main objective around the globe is to decarbonize the planet, which all the nations had set for 2050. The focus is centered on decarbonizing hydrogen and giving rise to green hydrogen responsible for generating more than 2 % of global CO2 emissions. There are many Green Hydrogen Suppliers, and one is Fabrum, the company using innovative technology to deliver the fuel of the future.

Liquid Hydrogen is one of the best liquid fuels for fleet operators across different applications; maritime, heavy transport, and aviation. And, Fabrum has expertise in generating liquid oxygen and liquid Nitrogen with the AFCryocooler, a natural step to liquid Hydrogen from the gaseous form. Care is taken to retain international Standards in handling and refueling Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is easily convertible to electricity using a fuel cell, ships, planes, and then power cars. You can also add the same to natural gas and burnt it in thermal power or distinct heating plants.