Pakistanis wear a variety of clothes depending on the colours and fabrics they employ (silk, chiffon, cotton, etc.). For Indians and Pakistanis, these outfits are traditional attire. This ethnic attire is very important to Pakistani culture, society, and religion. The shalwar kameez, worn by both sexes, is the national attire of Pakistan. In each province, the Shalwar Qameez is sported in a unique way.
Pakistani men prefer to wear shalwar kameez with particular additional accessories, such as a Pakistani Waistcoat, Achkan, or Sherwani, which can be worn with the shalwar kameez or with Churidar pyjamas. Jinnah Cap, also known as Karakul, Fez, Rumi Topi, and Taqiyah (cap), is worn with Shalwar Kameez. Khussas are stylish shoes that go well with shalwar kameez. Popular among males, particularly in northern areas, are traditional shawls made of Pashmina or other warm materials.

Pakistani tradition and the wedding clothes

Pakistani wedding dresses are gorgeous! They are intricate, vibrant, and breathtakingly lovely. Even the most elaborate Western-style white wedding gowns are nothing in comparison to the sarees and shalwar kameez worn in Pakistani weddings. No tux can match the clothing worn by Pakistani grooms, as well.

Why traditional Pakistani wedding attire may vary

Folk wedding costume is fascinating since it differs from place to place and person to person. The social standing and financial resources of a family are two factors that affect what they wear. Even the most unfortunate brides and grooms try their hardest to look attractive on their wedding day. In spite of the region, these clothes, from the shalwar kameez to the gharara, are lovely.
These Pakistani clothes have been around and are still popular in today’s society.

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1. Sari

The Indians are more likely to have this fit. It consists of a dress, a form-fitting bodice, and a long rectangular piece of fabric that has been creatively wrapped around the body.

2. Shalwar kameez

A matched set of baggy pants, fitted pants, straight pants, and a long top is known as a shalwar kameez. The outfit is finished with a dupatta, an ornate shawl worn over the head and shoulders, thrown over one shoulder, or wrapped around the body.

3. Lehenga

A lehenga is a stunning garment that consists of a bell-shaped ankle-length skirt and a short, fitted top (or another type of corset).

4. Gharara

A gharara, often referred to as a sharara, is a matching set made up of a shirt, long skirt, or ruffled pants.
wedding clothes for the groom

In Pakistan, grooms are almost as lavish as their brides. Men may not wear as much jewellery, but they can still dress to the nines in stylish shoes, eye-catching turbans with beautifully coiled patterns, and stunning shawls draped across one shoulder.

Kurtas or sherwanis, which are knee-length coats or jackets, are the traditional attire for Pakistani men. This attire serves as the centrepiece of each groom’s appearance. They may be so intricate as to be ridiculous.
Finally, Pakistani wedding clothing has endured for decades and may be the only culture that has survived unmolested. Pakistani dress designers must make sure they continue to come up with inventive embellishments to the costly costumes as these outfits have evolved over time.

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