Surgery is common for the treatment of rectal cancer. According to the best rectal cancer doctor in Kolkata, rectal cancer surgery helps in removing the cancer cells from the rectum. Below, we will look at the different types of rectal cancer surgery.

What are the different types of rectal cancer surgery?

1.      Local transanal excision or resection

This surgery helps in removing rectal cancer in its early stage from the lower rectum. In this procedure, the best cancer doctor in Kolkata will remove the cancer from your rectal wall with some surrounding rectum tissue.

2.      TAMIS or Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery

Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery is performed with the help of standard laparoscopic equipment. During the surgery, the cancer doctor uses the laparoscope with other surgical instruments to remove early-stage rectal cancer.

3.      Proctectomy

This surgery helps treat stages 1, 2, 3 cancers in the lower and middle rectum. For proctectomy, the doctor removes the whole rectum by making small abdominal incisions and then attaches the colon directly to the anus.

4.      Transanal endoscopic surgery

Transanal endoscopic surgery removes large cancers that are hard to remove through local transanal resection. In transanal endoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses surgical equipment that is inserted through your anus into your rectum.

5.      Low anterior resection

Low anterior resection is a surgical procedure that treats stage 1, 2, and 3 cancers in your upper rectum and removes the part that contains the tumor. It then attaches the colon to the remaining part of your rectum. For this surgery, the doctor makes incisions through the abdomen.

6.      TME or Total Mesorectal Excision

Some surgical procedures remove the entire rectum. TME removes the tissue near your rectum containing blood vessels and lymph nodes.

7.      APR or Abdominoperineal resection

This surgery is performed for stage 2 and 3 cancers in the middle or lower rectum. The doctor will make incisions in the abdomen to remove the rectum, anus, and a part of the sigmoid colon.

We have listed above the types of rectal cancer surgery. Consult the top cancer surgeon in Kolkata to know which kind of rectal cancer surgery will be best suitable for you.