Have you ever dreamt of how your bridal lengha will look like or what will be your wedding destination? Thumps up if you are nodding your head. But what we tend to ignore sometimes is how to sharpen our makeup and make our hairstyle attractive. 


If you are considering Bollywood divas as an inspiration for your wedding day, you will still scratch your head. You would be unaware of what products they have poured into, amping up their look. 


So the blog is a perfect read to catch information regarding what best-branded makeup products you must pack and zip your beauty bag before the day of your wedding. 


How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Makeup Look:


It is obvious you would desire to look the best on the most special day of your wedding. But it becomes difficult to choose a specific wedding makeup look when multiple options surround you. 


So here we are to pull you out from the room of confusion. Read and catch more information on what makeup looks and hairstyles you can ace on your wedding day. 


A Natural Aesthetic Look:


If you are following the beauty trends, you must be aware of the trendy flawless, and natural no-makeup makeup bridal look. Be minimalist and achieve a subtle and elegant look. 


Pick up a hydrating serum of your choice, followed by primer and foundation, to get the luminous glow. You will even require mascara and nude lipstick to complete your natural wedding makeup look


Bold and Vibrant Look:


Being vibrant never goes out of style. Pick a shade that compliments your skin tone. Keeps your lips bold with darker hues and eyes dramatic with bright eye shadow. Adorn your eyes with eyelashes and give a final touch to your vibrant wedding day look. 


Here Are Some Tips You Must Consider:


  • Stick to the makeup that works best for you. Do not try extraordinarily new. 
  • Try to get a more natural and organic makeup look. 
  • Choose durable and waterproof makeup products. 


Hairstyles for Your Special Day:


After achieving a perfect makeup look, it’s time to wave a hand at some amazing Indian bridal hairstyles. Read on to learn more about all options you can consider on your special day. 


If you have thick and luscious hair, you can go for a whole bucket filled with stunning hairstyles. Indian wedding is incomplete without classic buns. Get Baby’s breath bun and enhance it with carnations. If you wish to keep it easy and do not wish to style your hair with a bun, keep your hair open with the strings of beautiful flowers in it. 


One of the hairstyles famous among Indian brides is a simple braid along with bejeweled hair accessories. So what hairstyle have you thought of?


Get the Wedding Day Look You Want:


If you are here in search of what beauty products you shall use to enhance your wedding day look, your quest ends here. 


Read and get insights after going through the whole piece of information. 


Swiss Beauty Blusher Sb-805 Highlighter Brick


Have you ever tried the hack of pinching your cheeks to turn them naturally red? If yes, there is only a single problem with it. Slowly and steadily, your cheeks will lose their natural reddish color. 


But on your wedding day, as all the eyes would be gazing at you, you must enhance your look. 


So we have come up with a solution. Swiss beauty blusher highlighter brick is here to sprinkle shimmering colors to your cheeks that last longer. Just take out the bronzer brush, add the touch of glamour and let the blusher rule your heart. 

Key Benefits:

  • The blusher highlighter brick is made with a long-lasting formula. 
  • The multicolored baked palette offers five different shimmering shades. 
  • It fits every skin tone and is extremely light in weight. 


Bella Vita Organic Herbal Sindoor – Maroon


Sindoor is considered the epitome of strength and belongingness in traditional Hindu marriages. A red streak is applied by the groom on the forehead of the bride while tying the knot. 


As marriage is incomplete without it, we brought you Bella Vita sindoor to make your wedding day breathtakingly special. 


But are you frightened of red liquid rolling down from your forehead? If this is your nightmare, do not worry, it comes with a quick-drying formula. 


You even get a sponge tip applicator with it for easy and precise application. The water-resistant sindoor does not irritate your skin anyway. 

Key Benefits:

  • The sindoor is waterproof and offers a velvet matte finish.
  • It does not fade easily, even after long hours of application. 
  • The revered red vermillion is smudge-proof, crease-proof, and lasts longer. 
  • It is suitable for all skin types. 


Sugar Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick.


Lipstick can make or break your look. And you cannot put yourself at risk on the most important day of your life. So here is a suggestion from our end. 


Coat your lips with Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick, which contains bold pop of orange blended with a tinge of red in it. On your dream wedding day, exchange a smile with your husband-to-be wearing the bright lipstick of your fantasy. 

Key Benefits:

  • The lipstick gives you a matte premium finish and lasts longer. 
  • The waterproof and paraben-free lipstick hides the unevenness of your lips. 
  • It is very comfortable and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.
  • The smooth and long-lasting lipstick is dermatologically tested and cruelty-free. 


Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette


Let your eyes be the showstopper with the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette. It brings you 15 warm burnt shades to make your wedding day ready. 


So choose your shade wisely. Whether matte or shimmery, makeup revolution’s smooth and blendable eye shadow palette is a perfect pick you must stick to. Adorn your eyes with the colorful sheen and allow them to do all the talking. 

Key Benefits:

  • The eye shadow palette is highly pigmented.
  • It is made with a long-lasting formula. 
  • The palette is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Swiss Beauty 3d Studio Effect Eyelashes – Royal


Do you believe in leveling up your beauty game every single day? If yes, the time has come to try  Swiss Beauty eyelashes and make a statement with your eyes. They add natural length and volume to your lashes and make them look more luscious. 


The lightweight lashes are ever ready to drizzle extra gorgeousness to your iconic eye look on your special day. So give a glamorous flair to your eyes and enhance your wedding look. 


Key Benefits:

  • The eyelashes are made with a unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers, making them durable. 
  • They are lightweight. 
  • The lashes can be reused 5 to 10 times if handled carefully. 
  • Swiss Beauty eyelashes are made without harming any animals.

Philips Crimp, Straighten or Curl – Multi Styling Kit


From curly to wavy to straight, style the hair the way you want using Philips multi-styler. It has crimper plates which provide a more layered and voluminous look to your hair. If you are choosing to straighten your hair, the three-in-one tool is here to make your hair sleek and chic.


Let your hairstyle define your look and grab the attention of wedding attendees. Heat it and get the look you desire. 

Key Benefits:

  • The hair styler is made with a 25mm curling barrel that creates perfect tight to loose curls.
  • The multi-styler has 80mm straightening plates to make your hair shiny and silky. 
  • It comes with a protective ceramic coating, so forget about damaged hairs caused due to extreme heat. 
  • The styler comes with a fast heat-up time of 60 seconds.

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Finishing Spray


On your special day, you try to leave no stone unturned to look beautiful. Isn’t it? So if you wish your makeup lasts longer and stays brighter, get Revolution Pro matte finishing spray


It comes with a quick-drying formula and does not make the skin sticky or greasy. So do not let your makeup budge even a bit with the setting spray and fetch the flawless look throughout the day.

Key Benefits:

  • The finishing spray is suitable for oily and combination skin types. 
  • It offers the 16 hours wear claim. 
  • The revolution pro finishing spray is vegan and cruelty-free.



Prep yourself for the wedding day and make it one of the most memorable days of your life with the Cossouq curated products. Visit our website and shop the best hair care and makeup products online conveniently from your home with just a single click.